Santa Fe Office of the Assistant Dean


Jan Arsenault

Assistant Dean
Weigle Hall


Matt Johnston

Director of Residential Life
Weigle Hall

The assistant dean is responsible for all aspects of student life and is often the first person to whom students turn when they encounter problems. Because the assistant dean is a tutor, he or she is able to offer advice about matters related to the classroom and to academic matters in general. Working directly with the assistant dean is the director of residential life, who oversees areas of campus life such as housing and student activities. Both help students learn how to live together in a small academic community and both are available to talk over issues related to campus life, health or safety, or personal matters. They may also refer students to both on and off campus resources. Together the assistant dean and director of residential life help to uphold the standards of conduct the St. John's community sets for itself.

Title IX Coordinator

The director of residential life is the Title IX coordinator for the college. The policies and protocols concerning sexual misconduct can be found in the Student Handbook, Appendices A - C.

Students with Disabilities

Students who would like to request accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act should submit the Disabilities Registration Form to Assistant Dean Jan Arsenault. Both Ms. Arsenault and the director of residential life, Mr. Matt Johnston, respond for the college to these requests.