Office of the Assistant Dean, Santa Fe

Student Policy and Procedure

Assistant Dean: Jan Arsenault, 505-984-6925

Director of Residential Life: Mr. Matt Johnston,  505-984-6925

The assistant dean (who is a tutor) is often the first person to whom students turn when they have a problem. The assistant dean works closely with the director of Residential Life to help students learn how to live together in a small academic community. They enforce the rules that help keep the college activities functioning smoothly and vigorously. Their office is the source of many of the rules and decisions that affect student life, and although some of their work is disciplinary, it is always meant to serve the primary aim of the college as a community of learning.

Students who would like to request accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act should submit the Disabilities Registration Form to the assistant dean, Ms. Jan Arsenault, or the director of Residential Life, Mr. Matt Johnston. Ms. Arsenault and Mr. Johnston respond for the college to these requests. The Disabilities Registration Form must be filled out by the student making the request; it can be printed and mailed to the address on the form. The form is accompanied by two sets of guidelines for submitting documentation in support of requests for accommodation.Suggested submission dates appear on the form. You may submit a request for accommodation at any time; because some requests take longer to respond to than others, we suggest that you make your request as early as possible.

Please contact Mr. Johnston if you have any questions about this matter.

Federal Program Integrity Rules
In accordance with the new Federal Program Integrity rules effective July 1, 2011, the New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) will review complaints regarding public and private postsecondary institutions in New Mexico as well as New Mexico resident students attending out-of-state institutions.

NMHED will receive complaints that were unable to be resolved through the institution’s internal complaint process.