Financial Aid

Early Estimator

When you submit this simple form to the college, you will receive an estimate of both need-based grants and merit scholarships – even before completing the FAFSA, or your St. John‘s College application for admission. You will receive a response from the college as soon as possible.

This form differs from the Net Price Calculator. The Net Price Calculator is a more complex form requiring more detailed financial information and is intended to give a fuller picture of financial aid need. The Early Estimator does not require detailed information and is meant to provide a broad estimate of what you might expect from St. John’s College in terms of need-based aid and/or merit scholarships.

Important note about what we assume
Please note that we are making the following assumptions about your student, and that the response we send you will be based upon these assumptions. We are assuming that your student is:

  • A U.S. citizen, or an eligible non-citizen as specified by U.S. Department of Education and Immigration and Naturalization Service regulations;
  • A legal resident of the same state of which his or her parents are legal residents;
  • Financially dependent upon his or her parents, according to federal eligibility criteria (not born before January 1, 1991, not a veteran of the armed services, not enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program, not married, not an orphan or a ward of the court, and not having legal dependents);
  • A beginning first-year student in the 2014-2015 year; and
  • Intending to enroll for both semesters (fall and spring) and reside in one of the College‘s residence halls.

Section A: Identification and Address Information

I Am Interested in Attending the ________ Campus.
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Section B: Academic Information

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High School Class Information

Section C: Household Information

Section D: Income Information

Important: Do not leave any questions blank; enter "0" (zero), if that or "not applicable" applies. If you expect no significant increase in your family income from 2013 to 2014, use your 2013 federal IRS Form 1040(s) to complete the information in this section. If you expect an income increase or decrease, it is best you give a careful estimate of your 2014 income for the required figures, instead of the 2013 tax-form figures.

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Student Income

If you don't have student income to report below, enter 0 in each field.

Section E: Asset Information

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