Financial Aid

peters_nelson.jpgA Message to Prospective Students and Families

At St. John’s College we are committed to making the education we offer attainable and affordable. We recognize that the full cost of tuition, room and board may seem beyond the scope of what many families can manage. That is why we have a comprehensive financial aid program that encompasses a broad range of options.

The financial realities faced by today’s families in meeting the costs of a quality education are not always taken into consideration by traditional need-based formulas, such as those dictated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In addition to our robust need-based financial aid, merit scholarships are available to furnish supplementary aid to those students who, based on their high school records, application essays, and other information, show academic promise for the distinctive education that we provide. There is no separate application process for this additional aid—a student’s eligibility is determined as part of the application for admission and students are notified with a scholarship offer soon after their acceptance. These scholarships are granted for four years provided the student remains in good standing.

For all of you who are drawn to the St. John’s education but think you cannot afford it, please think again. The value of this education is revealed in the lives of our alumni every day, and we are committed to insuring that it is available to every qualified student.

Mike Peters, President, Santa Fe              Chris Nelson, President, Annapolis