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Welcome, St. John's College Class of 2020! Here are the forms and links you'll need for registration this year. If you have any questions, please contact the office collecting the forms (Health Center, Registrar, or Assistant Dean), or your Admissions counselor. If you are entering the St. John's College freshman class in Santa Fe, please use the Santa Fe admitted student resources as there are slight differences.

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Freshman Registration Packets

Medical Housing
Admissions Survey Music Survey

Other Important Information

Registration and Opening Week Schedule
Academic Calendar (PDF)
Freshman Book List 
Freshman Assignments
First Lab Reading
Drug and Alcohol Statement
International Student Handbook
Student Handbook
Parent Handbook

Buying Books and Supplies

Health Services
Contact Information
Campus Safety Info
Parking & Transportation


About the Dormitories


All freshman students are required to live on campus. This helps to create a sense of community among those attending the college and helps new students to adjust better to college life. Exceptions are rarely granted, but married or older students seeking a waiver to this rule should send a letter of request to the Director of Student Services. Permission to live off campus must be obtained in writing from the Director. About 82% of undergraduate students at the college live on campus.

All dorms are air-conditioned and non-smoking. Dorms are co-ed, usually by floor.

There are eight dormitories: Humphreys Hall (1837), Chase-Stone House (1857), Paca Carroll House (1857), Pinkney Hall (1858), Randall Hall (1903), Campbell Hall (1954), Gilliam Hall (2004), and Spector Hall (2006). Historic buildings have lots of charm but they require regular maintenance. The college is constantly upgrading the dormitories and you may find a mix of old and new facilities in each.

Freshmen always have at least one roommate. Once roommate assignments have been made (usually in early August) the Director of Student Services will provide the names and contact information of roommates who give permission for us to release this. You will be given your dormitory and room assignment on registration day. Dorm rooms are open for occupancy after registration.

Heavy luggage or packages may be sent to the college two weeks before registration day. Ship such packages to the following address: Your Name, St. John's College, 60 College Ave., Annapolis, MD 21401-1687. Label the packages "Hold for Registration.” There is no limit on the number of boxes that may be shipped. Large boxes will be held and distributed from a storage room on campus. Signs will be posted at the registration table designating pickup places, dates and times. Small boxes will be held and stored in the college mailroom and a package slip will be put in student mailboxes with pickup information.

What's in the Dormitory Rooms?

Furniture for each student includes:

The windows have Venetian blinds. (If you'd like curtains, it's best to wait until you see your room, since windows are not standard sizes.)

What to Bring


Dorm rooms have basic furniture. You may wish to bring:

Many students like to have a small microwave or refrigerator in their room. Small appliances are allowed but not encouraged because the buildings are not wired to support the power demands of multiple appliances. Open heating elements such as hot plates, water boilers, and hot-pots are not allowed. Other items not allowed are: candles, incense, weapons and self-defense devices such as stun guns. Smoking is prohibited by state law inside all campus buildings, including the dormitories.

Kitchens are located in the basement of Campbell Hall and on the first floors of Humphreys Hall, Gilliam Hall and Spector Hall. There are washers and dryers in the basements of Campbell Hall and Chase-Stone Hall, and on the first floors of Gilliam Hall and Spector Hall.

If you are able to contact your roommate(s) before you arrive, it is wise to consult about large items such as furniture and rugs to avoid duplication and overcrowding. In general, less is more. Wait and see what you need. You will have the opportunity to purchase needed items once you are here. The college runs shuttles to all the major shopping areas in and around Annapolis.

Mailing address for students:

Your Name
St. John's College
60 College Ave.
Annapolis, MD 21401


Students are encouraged to have cell phones. The dorm rooms do not come with telephones or telephone service. Students can arrange for phone installation on an individual basis with the local provider. They will be billed by Verizon, the local phone company. The college does not handle individual telephone accounts for students. There is a college phone on every dorm floor; these phones receive calls from off-campus but may be used to make calls only to other extensions on campus. Some students find that cell phones are a way around having to pay for phone installation and a monthly fee for an outside line.
To call a student: The main college number is 410-263-2371. Callers to that number can be connected to any dorm floor. Someone from the floor usually answers a ringing phone; if the person being called is not available, floormates will leave a message. In an emergency, the Assistant Dean's office or the Public Safety office will locate a student.

SJC 1Card

The St. John’s College 1Card is the official identification card of the College. The 1Card is required for students to access essential campus services and facilities, including meal plan, library privileges, printing services and building access. Freshmen will receive their 1Card upon registration and should carry the card at all times while on-campus.

The St. John’s College 1Card also features a prepaid spending account – Campus Cash – that provides a convenient, secure way to make cashless purchases on campus while enrolled at the College. The St. John’s College 1Card allows students to make purchases at our campus bookstore, dining locations, print shop, and laundry facilities.

In July, all freshmen will receive a letter from the College with additional information about the 1Card. The secure link to add Campus Cash to the card is www.stjohnscollege1card.com.

Computer Information for Incoming Freshmen

Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains the student computer lab and student machines in the library as well as wired and wireless internet across campus. If you have questions or inquiries about our services and support we invite you to contact the ITS Help Desk at 410-626-2892 or helpdesk(at)sjc.edu. Please mention that you are an incoming freshman.

Internet Access

Wired connections are available in all dorm rooms, and all of the campus is covered by the school’s wireless network. If needed, a network cable can be purchased at the campus bookstore.

Network Account

ITS will provide you with a network account, a username and password that you will use to access campus computers, the campus network, a college provided personal email account and disk space. This information and a document describing appropriate use of College resources will be provided during registration. Acceptance of an account signifies that you have read and agree to comply with these guidelines.  Students are not permitted to set up wireless access points themselves.

The Student Computer Lab

The Lab (Hodson Computer Center) is located on the lowest level of the Barr-Buchanan Center and is equipped with Windows and Macintosh computers, laser printers, and scanners. The primary purpose of the facility is to provide you with access to Office applications, email, the Internet, any other applications you need for your academic work. With your College issued 1Card badge, the center is accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week during the academic year. ITS Student Assistants are available in the center at designated times to provide you with assistance in the use of campus computer resources.

Note: Printing is handled on a pay-to-print basis and cost $0.05 per page or $0.07 per duplex (double-sided) page and operates via 1Card for increased student convenience.

Computer Configuration Standards

ITS supports Windows and Macintosh machines. Use these system specifications as a general guideline for what you will need as a student if you wish to use your own computer. The only required functions are basic web browsing and word processing.

Minimum Hardware/Software Recommendations:
Processor: Desktop/Laptop: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD 64X2 Dual Processor
Memory: 2 GB (4 GB is highly recommended)
Hard Drive Capacity: 100 GB or more
Operating System: Windows 7 / Mac OS 10.7 and above
Office Suite: Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 / Office MAC 2008 or 2011

Free alternatives are Open Office and Libre Office

Web Browser: Internet Explorer/Safari/Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome
Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware: Required

Visit the Office of Information Technology for more information.

Student E-mail Accounts

Each student is provided with an e-mail account and personal folder on the student servers. Your college e-mail account is the official form of communication to students and should be checked frequently. Account information will be provided during Freshmen registration. You will be able to use Outlook Web Access to access your mail from any Internet-accessible computer anywhere in the world. You may forward your college e-mail to any personal account you desire. Instructions, rules and guidelines will be provided to you during the registration process.

Parking & Transportation

Although students may have cars, freshmen and sophomores may not park on campus, in any campus lot. The city of Annapolis does not grant parking permits to St. John's students who live on campus. Parking is limited; the college strongly urges students not to bring cars. The city will ticket and tow cars parked illegally, including cars without permits parked in permit-only zones near campus. Some students park in the Naval Academy stadium, which is within walking distance of the campus. See Pinnacle Parking online for details.

Bicycles are a good method of transportation around Annapolis. You should be sure to have a secure lock and register your bicycle in the Public Safety Office once you arrive. There are several storage racks for bikes on campus.

Downtown Annapolis is within walking distance of campus, and there are many shopping areas close by. The College provides weekly shuttles to local malls and shopping centers. Both Baltimore and Washington, DC, are accessible by bus.

Note that BWI airport is the most convenient airport to campus. Transportation to and from Reagan and Dulles airports is difficult to arrange, expensive and time consuming.



All freshmen students living on campus are required to be on the 21 meal plan. Meals are served in the Dining Hall (Randall) seven days a week. A variety of foods is offered at every meal, including vegetarian and vegan options. Sometimes the lines are long, but the Dining Hall is open long enough at every meal to accommodate all students on the meal plan.

The Coffee Shop is located in the basement of McDowell Hall. Snacks and meals can be purchased there all day and during some evening hours during the week. There are also a variety of snack and drink machines on campus.

Health Services

The services of the Health Center are available to all students regardless of whether they carry their own health insurance or use the one available through the college. (Students must be covered by health insurance; for information on the policy available through the college, contact the Health Center at 410-626-2553.)

Three counselors are also on staff. Appointments can be made directly by students. The counselor makes appointments with the psychiatrist as necessary.

Buying Books and Supplies

The Campus Bookstore stocks all books required for St. John's classes. Several translations and/or editions are available of most texts on the reading list, and the Bookstore keeps a complete list of all recommended editions, and a compilation of book advice/opinions/comparisons by St. John's tutors. In addition, several of the staff are either St. John's graduates or current students and will happily offer you their personal views.


You will probably need to spend about $150 on books and supplies when you first arrive. Total books and supplies for the year will run from about $350 to $475 depending upon the editions you purchase and whether you buy all new items. You are welcome to use books you already have, although you should be aware that marginal or line numbers are useful, and it is best to avoid abridged versions. Additionally, our library owns multiple copies of all program books, and you may also be able to locate good used copies.

Should you buy all your texts at the start of the year? No! Buying your books involves making choices you aren't yet equipped to make. Your tutors may have preferences, and you're going to hear lots of opinions from upperclass students. You will also develop your own tastes. The basic things you need to start with are: the Greek manual, Euclid's Elements, the freshman Lab Manual, the freshman chorus anthology, and a copy of Homer's Iliad.

The Bookstore accepts the SJC 1Card, personal checks and VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards. Naturally, cash is also welcome.

What the Bookstore stocks: program books, lots of fiction, poetry, reference, history, sciences, philosophy, books to help you learn Greek or math, biographies of philosophers, books on writing, drama, art books, music (scores and libretti) and much more.

If you want any book the Bookstore does not have, you may order it at no extra charge. The Bookstore offers sweatshirts, T-shirts, baseball caps, and other SJC paraphernalia. School supplies like pads, pens, binders, and pencils, and even laundry detergent and some basic toiletries are also stocked and the store offers a fax service.

→ See the Bookstore web page for contact information and hours.


There are no banks on campus, but students can cash small checks at the Bookstore. Half a dozen banks are located within three or four blocks of the campus and several banks offer free checking accounts to St. John's students. Money management is often an issue for college freshmen, so be sure to think about how deposits will be made, whether a debit card might work for you, whether you should have your own credit card, and how much spending money you might need per week. Students who work at the college in the federal work-study program will have checks issued to them every other week — wages cannot be applied to a student account.

Contact Numbers and E-mail Addresses

→ See the college administrative directory...