Admissions Questionnaire


Dear Class of 2019,admiss-staff.jpg


While the rest of the college will be welcoming you in August, the Admissions Office will in a way be bidding you farewell. What a pleasure it has been getting to know you this past year! We think you’re a terrific class, we’re sure you will bring great things to the college, and with the rest of the campus community we will delight in welcoming you into our midst.


As a final bit of housekeeping, please oblige us by completing a short questionnaire on SurveyMonkey by August 1. We need a few statistics, but mostly we need to know how well we have met your needs in the admissions process, and what ideas you have to help us improve what we do.


Many of our incoming freshmen ask what they should be doing over the summer to prepare themselves for the St. John’s College experience. There are two specific assignments:  read Books I-VI of the Iliad (any unabridged translation will do, but the Lattimore and Fitzgerald translations are the most beloved on campus), and memorize the Greek alphabet.


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We will be in the office all summer, so call or email anytime if you have questions.


Thomas Weede, Interim Director of Admissions
Amanda Stevens, Associate Director of Admissions
Ryan Johnson, Assistant Director of Admissions
Emelie Karlsson, Admissions Counselor
Brittany Kemmer, Admissions Counselor
Brittany McBride, Admissions Counselor
Helen Sharp, Database and Operations Manager
Alexis Mollica, Administrative Assistant
Phil Calinda, Admissions Intern
Hayden Pendergrass, Admissions Intern 
Main phone: 800-727-9238