Welcome, Santa Fe Class of 2019!


Welcome, St. John's College Class of 2019! Here are the forms and links you'll need for registration this year. If you have any questions, please contact the office collecting the forms (Health Center, Registrar, or Assistant Dean), or your Admissions counselor. If you are entering the St. John's College freshman class in Annapolis, please use the Annapolis admitted student resources as there are slight differences.


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About the Dormitories

All freshman students are required to live on campus. This helps to create a sense of community among those attending the college and helps new students to adjust better to college life. Exceptions are rarely granted, but married or older students seeking a waiver to this rule should send a letter of request to the Director of Residential Life. About 82% of undergraduate students at the college live on campus.

There are nine Upper Dorms: Meem, Driscoll, Murchison, Kirby, Anderson, McCune, Wagner, and Jones. Each Upper Dorm houses 13–17 students. Though there are a few single rooms in the Upper Dorms, most rooms are doubles. Some are grouped around a central sitting area.

There are seven Lower Dorms—Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania—as well as three residences in the Winiarski Center—Ferdinand, Ariel, and Miranda. Each Lower Dorm houses 16–18 students. Most rooms are singles, with a few double rooms per dorm.

Freshmen usually have at least one roommate. Once roommate assignments have been made (usually in Early August), the Director of Residential Life will provide the names and contact information of roommates who give permission for us to release this information. You will be given your dormitory and room assignment on registration day. Dorms are open for occupancy after Registration.

The dorm rooms are open to incoming students at 9:00 a.m. the day of registration. Heavy luggage or packages can be delivered to the college up to two weeks before registration day. Ship such packages to the following address:

Your Name
St. John's College

1160 Camino Cruz Blanca

Santa Fe, NM 87505-4599

Mark the packages "Hold for Registration."

What's in the Dormitory Rooms?

Furniture for each student includes:

  • a wall-mounted telephone mounted on the wall
  • an Ethernet connection
  • a hard-wired, wall-mounted smoke detector with battery back-up mounted on wall
  • a student desk with desk lamp attached
  • a desk chair
  • a wall-mounted bookcase mounted on wall
  • a wastepaper basket
  • a built-in closet
  • a mirrored medicine chest with light
  • a towel rack or hooks
  • an extra-long twin bed unit consisting of a frame, a box spring, and a mattress

The windows have Venetian blinds. (If you'd like curtains, it's best to wait until you see your room, since windows are not standard sizes.)


What to Bring

Dorm rooms have basic furniture. You may wish to bring:

  • Sheets (we recommend extra–long twin sized sheets)
  • Towels
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Comforter or spread
  • Small rug, other comfortable items like floor pillows or backrests
  • Clothing, including winter jacket and formal wear for waltz parties and special occasions
  • Hangers
  • Shoes (including special shoes for sports and/or the gym)
  • Raincoat and umbrella
  • Computer and printer (not required for work at St. John's, but most students bring their own)
  • Books, CDs, posters
  • Stereo
  • Hobby or special interest equipment (camera, musical instruments)
  • Sports equipment and apparel
  • Toiletries (and a tote to get them to the shower)
  • Mug, fork, spoon, knife, plate, bowl, and food storage containers to use in your room
  • Laundry detergent
  • Key chain for the key card required to enter your dormitory and the key for your room (for sale in the college bookstore)

Many students like to have a small refrigerator in their room. Open heating elements such as hot plates, water boilers, and hot-pots are not allowed. Other items not allowed are: candles, incense, weapons and self-defense devices such as stun guns. Smoking is prohibited by state law inside all campus buildings, including the dormitories.

If you are able to contact your roommate(s) before you arrive, it is wise to consult about large items such as furniture and rugs to avoid duplication and overcrowding. In general, less is more. Wait and see what you need. You will have the opportunity to purchase needed items once you are here. The college runs shuttles to major shopping areas in Santa Fe.

College mailing address

Mailing address for students:

Your Name
St. John's College
1160 Camino Cruz Blanca
Santa Fe, New Mexico 


Computer Information for Incoming Freshmen

Information Technology Services (ITS) supports the College’s mission and strategic directions by providing information technology services and support. Our goal is to provide you information on computer standards, the campus student lab and network access as well as how to obtain your network account. If you have questions or inquiries about our services and support we invite you to contact the ITS Help Desk at 505.984.6196 or helpdesk(at)sjc.edu. Please identify yourself as incoming freshmen.

Network Connections

All dorms at St. John’s College are wired for access to the Internet and the campus network. In addition, wireless network access is available in a number of common spaces throughout the campus. You will need a Network Account (see below) to access the network. If needed, a network cable can be purchased at the campus bookstore.

Network Account

All currently enrolled students are provided with a “Network Account” that is used to access campus computers, the campus network, college-provided personal e-mail, and disk space. Acceptance of an account signifies that the student has read and agrees to comply with the college acceptable use policy. Wireless network access is available in common spaces around campus for use with laptop computers, and all residential rooms are wired for access to the Internet and the campus network

The Student Computer Center (SCC)

The Student Computer Center (SCC) is located in room 18 on the basement level of the Evans Science Lab; it is equipped with Windows and Macintosh computers, laser printers and a scanner. The center provides access to Microsoft Office and other applications, as well as to e-mail and the Web. The SCC is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the academic year.

Computer Configuration Standards

The information below outlines the current minimum recommendations for Windows-based and Macintosh computers for use by students at St. John’s College. In order to participate in the college network, and obtain ITS support services, your computer must meet or exceed these recommendations:
Mac with Tiger OS 10.4 and above
PC with Windows XP and above
Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware: Required

Visit the Office of Information Technology for more information.


Student E-mail Accounts

Each student is provided with an e-mail account and personal folder on the student servers. Your college e-mail account is the official form of communication to students and should be checked frequently. Account information will be provided during freshmen registration. You will be able to use Outlook Web Access to access your mail from any Internet-accessible computer anywhere in the world. You may forward your college e-mail to any personal account you desire. Instructions, rules and guidelines will be provided to you during the registration process.


Vehicle Registration and Parking Permits

Parking in St. John’s College lots is by permit only. Permits do not guarantee the availability of parking spaces. Parking regulations may change at any time.

Illegally parked cars may be towed without warning. Storage charges may be added to towing charges if the car is not picked up the same day it is towed. Always assume your car will be towed if it is parked illegally.

Motorcycles and motor scooters must be registered with Campus Safety and parked in designated areas. Students illegally or improperly parking their vehicles will be fined, or may have them removed. Motorcycles and motor scooters may not be kept in any college building.

Parking permits may be purchased at the Switchboard during regular business hours. To obtain a permit you must present a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and verification of insurance. Permits may be purchased only for a car registered in the name of the student purchasing the permit, or in his/her parent’s name.

Cars: $75/year or $50/semester

Motorcycles/Motor Scooters: $50/year or $35/semester     

Bicycles are a good method of transportation around Santa Fe. You should be sure to have a secure lock and register your bicycle at Switchboard once you arrive. There are several storage racks for bikes on campus.

Downtown Santa Fe is within walking distance of campus, as are a grocery store and pharmacy.  There is a bus stop located at the entrance to campus and the college provides shuttle service around Santa Fe at designated times throughout the week.

Please note that most flights land in Albuquerque, which is about an hour south of Santa Fe and you will need to make arrangements for transportation from Albuquerque to Santa Fe.  For those who choose to use a shuttle service, we highly recommend Sandia Shuttle because they will drop people off on campus.  

The Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ) is the closest major airport to Santa Fe. The following airlines currently land at ABQ: American, Continental, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United and US Airways.

The New Mexico Rail Runner train offers free shuttle service between the Sunport and its Albuquerque depot. Tickets then need to be purchased from Albuquerque to the Santa Fe Railyard stop; transportation from the Santa Fe station stop to campus must be arranged. (Available options are city bus or taxi.) Check schedule and fare information: www.nmrailrunner.com

For cabs, call Capital City Cab at (505) 438-0000.

Santa Fe Trails is the city’s municipal bus system: click on Public Transportation and Parking at www.santafenm.gov



All freshmen students living on campus are required to be on the 21 meal plan. Meals are served in the Dining Hall in Peterson Student Center seven days a week. A variety of foods is offered at every meal, including vegetarian and vegan options. Sometimes the lines are long, but the Dining Hall is open long enough at every meal to accommodate all students on the meal plan.

The Coffee Shop is also located Peterson Student Center. Snacks and meals can be purchased there all day and during some evening hours during the week. There are also a variety of snack and drink machines on campus.

The newest addition to the Santa Fe campus is The Cave, a student run coffee shop located in the Arroyo room, which has its own dedicated entrance on the lowest level of Peterson Student Center.  The students involved sell a variety of coffees, teas and snacks at reasonable prices and often organize a variety of special events in this space.  We encourage all of our students to check the weekly newsletter for dates, times and events at The Cave and support your fellow students who are trying to make your campus even better.


Health Services

The Student Health Office provides basic services to all students throughout the academic year and can offer referrals to Physicians or specialists in Santa Fe if necessary.  All students must be covered by health insurance; for further information on health insurance, please contact the Student Health Office at 505-984-6418.

In addition to an MD and CNP on staff, the college also has two full-time counselors on help students with mental health issues, stress management and the transition to college life. Appointments can be made directly by students. If necessary, the counselors may recommend an appointment with an on-call psychiatrist that has a permanent relationship with the college.


Buying Books and Supplies

The Campus Bookstore stocks all books required for St. John's classes. Several translations and/or editions are available of most texts on the reading list, and the Bookstore keeps a complete list of all recommended editions, and a compilation of book advice/opinions/comparisons by St. John's tutors. In addition, several of the staff are either St. John's graduates or current students and will happily offer you their personal views.

The college uses $200 of your tuition & fees each semester to establish a credit at the college bookstore. While this credit is not refundable, any unused funds will be rolled over to your account for the next semester. Total books and supplies for the year will run from about $350 to $475 depending upon the editions you purchase and whether you buy all new items. You are welcome to use books you already have, although you should be aware that marginal or line numbers are useful, and it is best to avoid abridged versions. Additionally, our library Library owns multiple copies of all program books, and you may also be able to locate good used copies.

Should you buy all your texts at the start of the year? No! Buying your books involves making choices you aren't yet equipped to make. Your tutors may have preferences, and you're going to hear lots of opinions from upper-class students. You will also develop your own tastes.

The Bookstore accepts personal checks and VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards. Naturally, cash is also welcome.

What the Bookstore stocks: program books, lots of fiction, poetry, reference, history, sciences, philosophy, books to help you learn Greek or math, biographies of philosophers, books on writing, drama, art books, music (scores and libretti) and much more.

If you want any book the Bookstore does not have, you may order it at no extra charge. The Bookstore offers sweatshirts, T-shirts, baseball caps, and other SJC paraphernalia. School supplies like pads, pens, binders, and pencils, and even laundry detergent and some basic toiletries are also stocked and the store offers a fax service.



There are no banks on campus, but a Wells Fargo ATM is located on the first floor of Peterson Student Center. Money management is often an issue for college freshmen, so be sure to think about how deposits will be made, whether a debit card might work for you, whether you should have your own credit card, and how much spending money you might need per week. Students who work at the college in the federal work-study program will have checks issued to them every other week — wages  can be deposited to an out of state financial institution via direct deposit but cannot be applied to a student account.



Your St. John’s College Student ID card is not only your official identification card, it is also required to access essential campus services and facilities. Access to dormitory buildings, library services and the dining hall all require your ID card. Freshmen will receive their St. John’s College ID at registration and should carry the card at all times while on-campus.


Students are encouraged to have cell phones, but be warned that service is not 100% consistent for all providers in all areas of campus. The dorm rooms come with telephones which will allow you to call anywhere on campus or within Santa Fe. The campus bookstore sells calling cards that students may use to make long distance calls from their dorm room phone.

To call a student: The main college number is 505-984-6000. Callers to that number can be connected to any dorm room with either the student’s full name or dormitory building and room number.


Contact Numbers and E-mail Addresses

→ See the college administrative directory