Meet the Admissions Staff: Alexandria Hinds

staff-hinds-lg.jpg“I believe that learning to lead the examined life is a process, not an event, and can only be accomplished with an open and honest mind, a courageous heart, and a willing spirit. I am grateful to St. John’s for giving me the tools necessary to fulfill the Delphic Oracle’s command to ‘know thyself,’” says Alexandria Hinds.

Alexandria is originally from Cortland, NY, a small town near the Finger Lakes region, but she has since lived in Rochester, NY, southern California, and Pittsburgh, as well as Santa Fe and Annapolis. She graduated from high school at age 16, and though she had already been accepted to St. John’s, she decided to defer her entrance for a year. She interned with the Student Conservation Association’s Desert Restoration Crew, protecting flat-tailed horned lizard habitat in the Sonoran Desert.

Alex came to Annapolis as a freshman in 2005, and transferred to Santa Fe for her sophomore year. She then took a year off to work at the Ithaca ScienCenter and manage a not-for-profit community café. She then returned to Annapolis for her junior and senior years. Alex loves talking about her experiences as a student and her passion for the St. John’s Program.

“St. John’s offers more than just the capacity to have an informed conversation about greats like Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, and Kant,” she says. It’s certainly nice to be able to clearly articulate the steps of Einstein’s argument for special relativity, but the most significant things Alex believes one can gain from a St. John’s education are not facts, but skills. She says, “I've become a person who is able to articulate an opinion with both confidence and humility, to listen to others with patience and grace, and to engage with a large amount of difficult information and pull out the most interesting and pressing questions within.”

Alex’s favorite Program authors include St. Augustine, Kant, and Lobachevski. Her favorite non-Program authors include Maugham, Kundera, and all the Russian novelists of the nineteenth century. She is a self-taught amateur weaver and appreciates all forms of art. Service work is also important to her. She currently volunteers with substance abusers in several local facilities. She enjoys outdoor activity, and has occasionally been known to ride her bike to work – a ten mile ride in each direction!

Alexandria Hinds

Assistant Director of Admissions
410-980-9149 Cell

Representative for prospective students visiting campus and those participating in Summer Academy.

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