Meet the Admissions Staff: Brittany McBride

AN_BrittanyMcBride.jpegBorn on the banks of the Potomac in Washington, D.C., Brittany was raised and attended public school in Prince George's County, Maryland. As a high school senior she knew she wanted to pursue a liberal arts degree, and she ultimately enrolled at St. John's College because of how seriously the students took their thinking and speaking. “I sat in on a Plato seminar, and I was inspired to hear students asking real questions from their hearts about what draws them to the good and the beautiful, and pursuing those questions honestly with their classmates. I wanted to practice that kind of accountability in thought and conversation,” she says. Brittany most enjoyed studying Newton's Principia, the texts of the American founding, and the works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. She spent four years at the Annapolis campus and graduated in 2009.

Brittany followed an interest in education to a teaching position in Phoenix, and then to Americorps service in Boston. Joining other teachers and youth workers to provide quality education in public elementary schools, she saw the real-world, practical need for college graduates like the ones that St. John's produces: collaborative thinkers who are capable of focused, fruitful discourse. Being a St John's alumna, Brittany loves to talk about how the College challenges and cultivates its students. She also thinks that the gorgeous campus buildings, the historic character of Annapolis, the military tradition at the nearby U.S. Naval Academy, and the proximity to the nation’s capital all combine to make an excellent setting for a college education. Brittany takes great pleasure in introducing prospective students and visitors to St. John's College, its Program and its community.

Brittany R. McBride

Admissions Counselor
410-980-9149 Cell

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