Meet the Admissions Staff: Hayden Pendergrass


Hayden Pendergrass is a graduate of the Class of 2014 in Annapolis. An avid croquet player, sailor, and former captain of the Spartans—one of the five campus-wide intramural sports teams—he has yet to discover what virtue is, but continues to pursue it in books, film, and music as well as out on the water, on the field, and on the court.

As a 2013 Hodson Internship recipient, he served the 16th District of Texas—which is in his hometown of El Paso, TX—as an intern on Capitol Hill, where he engaged constituents on legislative issues. Due to his long tenure in student government during his time at St. John’s, he has an insider’s perspective on extracurricular clubs and activities.

Hayden’s senior essay, entitled Jesus and Jurisprudence: Love as the Fulfillment of the Law of Moses, explores the question: How does Jesus fulfill the Law of Moses? Starting from Jesus’ claim in the Sermon on the Mount, he investigates from a more legal perspective how love (ἀγάπη) fills in the shortcomings that Jesus identifies in the Law.

Though his long list of favorite program authors changes every time he picks up another Great Book, recent favorites include T.S. Eliot, Martin Heidegger, and Leo Tolstoy. Perennial favorites are Plato (of course), Sophocles, Augustine, and Blaise Pascal.

He looks forward to introducing visitors to the alma mater that has started his philosophic journey, in hopes that they might begin similar journeys of their own.

Hayden Pendergrass

Admissions Intern

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