Meet the Admissions Staff: Lexy Mollica


Lexy Mollica grew up in central Ohio and attended The Ohio State University, where she majored in Art History and minored in Business. During her time at Ohio State, she was an Education intern at multiple museum education departments. Lexy taught, participated in research and was active in community outreach. These experiences allowed her to embrace her love of teaching and exposing others to new ideas and concepts.

What drew her to St. John’s was the Program and the open learning environment it offered. The core values of the college align with her previous teaching experiences. When asked about St. John’s, Lexy said, “My time here has opened my eyes to a curriculum that allows students to truly explore the material. The learning opportunities offered to each student is something I haven’t seen before at any other college.”

Lexy loves the Annapolis area for its rich history, vast natural resources and deep sense of community. When she is not in the office you can find her hiking, camping, crafting, and spending time with her family. 

Lexy Mollica

Administrative Assistant

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