Meet the Admissions Staff: Phil Calinda


Born and raised in the small, rural town of Chester, New Jersey, Philip Calinda is a recent graduate of St. John’s College. During high school he was a member of the local volunteer fire company where he learned the importance of critical thinking and teamwork. His internship experience includes a builders association, real estate, and financial institution.

Phil always had an interest in law – a career he knew he would pursue immediately out of college since he was eight years old. However, at St. John’s Phil discovered his passion for music during Freshman Chorus and the Sophomore Music Tutorial. His ear for music allowed him to write his senior essay on Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which won Best Music Essay at Commencement. Phil also won the Baird Prize for his musical composition: Duet for Violin and Cello.

Phil joined the Admissions team because he knows how life-changing the Program can be. His years of study at St. John’s provided him with two invaluable pieces of knowledge. The first is that learning is not something that the student does alone; ideas and thoughts communicated between a group earn their merit by standing up to scrutiny and perspective. The community of learning at St. John’s College enables the growth of the individual through the strength of the group. The second is to trust oneself. A student’s experience at St. John’s College is significantly enhanced once they learn to trust their own abilities. Phil believes that being a member of the Admissions team provides him with the opportunity to bring the St. John’s College experience to life for the prospective student.

Phil Calinda

Admissions Intern

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