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Military Friendly School: Information for U.S. Veterans/Dependents

As a military friendly school, St. John's College provides many benefits to U.S. veterans of the armed services. To gain the maximum benefits available to those who have served in the military such as benefits from the Yellow Ribbon Program, students who are veterans or dependents should review the information below.

A Yellow Ribbon Program College

As a Yellow Ribbon Program participant, St. John's College shows its appreciation for the service of veterans and will match Yellow Ribbon funds to cover up to the cost of tuition and fees. Learn more information about VA benefits and financial aid for military service members and veterans through the Yellow Ribbon Program as it applies to St. John's College.

Military & Veteran Policies

In compliance with federal/state regulations, St. John's has developed a set of policies on minimum standards of progress for enrolled veterans or dependents.

  1. St. John's will report to the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) within 30 days all incidents of official termination or change of status that would affect benefits.

  2. The V.A. requires that grades be given for all classes undertaken and that all grades be considered in computing a grade point average. In Annapolis, a VA enrolled student who withdraws from a class after the midpoint in a semester will have a W/grade recorded indicating the quality of work up to the date of withdrawal. In Santa Fe, a VA enrolled student who withdraws from the class after the three-quarter point in a semester will have an F recorded. No credit will be given for withdrawal grades nor, in accordance with college policy, will they be included in the GPA.

  3. Minimum acceptable grades of a C average are expected. If a student falls below this average and/or the student's tutors think there is a serious academic problem, the Don Rag committee will report this to the dean, who may ask the student to leave the college or may place the student on academic probation and possibly stipulate conditions that must be met if the student is to continue in the college. The normal probationary period is one semester. During that probationary period support and counseling are available to the student.

  4. St. John's will inform all VA enrolled students that prior academic credit from post-secondary schools will be evaluated, but prior credits are not applicable to the all-required degree program at the college except in very unusual circumstances. Prior credit will be granted for pursuit of the same four-year, all-required curriculum at the Annapolis and Santa Fe campuses. The award of prior credit by the college will reduce the training time toward the reward of a degree and will be reported to the VA as required.