Homecoming at St. John's College

Homecoming is a time to reunite and reconnect with friends, classmates, and the college community. Thank you for making Homecoming a vibrant and meaningful weekend by attending with your family, friends, and classmates.

Here are the Homecoming 2015 highlights from each campus: Santa Fe and AnnapolisSave the date for Homecoming 2016: September 16-18 in Santa Fe and September 23-25 in Annapolis.

Santa Fe


More than 200 alumni and their families returned to the Santa Fe campus to celebrate Homecoming 2015. In addition to participating in seminars, networking, and reunion events, alumni welcomed President Mike Peters and his wife, Eleanor, to join their ranks as honorary alumni during the annual awards ceremony. Pam Saunders-Albin, a long-time member of St. John's Board of Visitors and Governors, and Carmen Harrell, who served the college's Financial Aid office as an assistant for 27 years, were also inducted into the class of 2015. Featured speaker and famed architect Travis Price (SF71) toured Santa Fe with a group of alumni exploring the architecture and metaphors of the historic city's most famous sites. Alumni also participated in the new and popular tradition of pub trivia, wherein current students and alumni create teams and compete against each other in Program-oriented trivia.

View photos from the Santa Fe 2015 Homecoming Celebration. For more, please click here.


Annapolis Homecoming 2015 6

Homecoming 2015 in Annapolis lived up to the billing. The second half of the St. John's College Homecoming festivities was a musical time, from the Friday night New York Polyphony concert to an impromptu musical gathering on the Quad to the Saturday night bonfire sing along.

We saw an Aristotle sighting at Friday night's pub trivia, Iglehart dressed to the nines for the Saturday night banquet, and alumni from all over reunited, reconnect, and reminisce. Here are some of the many sights from Homecoming in Annapolis on September 25-27. The Alumni Office thanks all of the alumni, family, friends, parents, community members, staff, and students who helped make it such a special weekend. See you again soon!

View photos from our Homecoming 2015 Gallery. To see social media coverage of Homecoming 2015, visit the Annapolis social media hub.

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