Alumni Social Media Directory


This is a resource for alumni of St. John's who want to keep up with their classmates. The links below will take you to social media pages created by alumni for their respective classes, chapters, and affinity groups. If you or someone else has a page or group that you would like to see on this page, or if you want to create one, please contact

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Main Alumni Page  facebook_logo.jpg twitter-icon.png instagram-icon.png
St. John's College  facebook_logo.jpg    
St. John's Graduate Institute  facebook_logo.jpg    
Alumni Association Internet Group  facebook_logo.jpg    
Johnnie Jobs  facebook_logo.jpg    
Johnnies Page  facebook_logo.jpg    
Johnnie Chair  facebook_logo.jpg    
The Hermes Project  facebook_logo.jpg    
Symposium on the Cost of Education  facebook_logo.jpg    
Class of 2007  facebook_logo.jpg    
Johnnies in the Arts  facebook_logo.jpg    
Johnnies in the Military  facebook_logo.jpg    
Johnnies in Medicine  facebook_logo.jpg    
Johnnies in Education  facebook_logo.jpg    
Johnnies in Europe  facebook_logo.jpg    
Johnnies in Science  facebook_logo.jpg    
Deipnosophists: Food & Wine appreciation as a Liberal Art  facebook_logo.jpg    


Regional Chapters

Austin/San Antonio Alumni facebook_logo.jpg
Baltimore Johnnies facebook_logo.jpg
Boston Alumni facebook_logo.jpg
Chicago Alumni facebook_logo.jpg
Colorado Johnnies - Denver/Boulder facebook_logo.jpg
Indiana Johnnies facebook_logo.jpg
New York City Alumni Chapter facebook_logo.jpg
Northern California Alumni facebook_logo.jpg
Portland, OR Alumni facebook_logo.jpg
Santa Fe Chapter facebook_logo.jpg
Seattle/Puget Sound Alumni Chapter facebook_logo.jpg
Washington DC Alumni Chapter facebook_logo.jpg


Annapolis Classes

Class of 1972  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1974  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1975, 40th Reunion  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1977, 35th Reunion  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1978  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1979   facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1980  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1982  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1984  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1988, 25th Reunion  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1989  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1990  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1992  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1993  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1994  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1995  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1999   facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 2002  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 2003  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 2005  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 2008  facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 2009  facebook_logo.jpg

Santa Fe Classes

Class of 1991 facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 1993 facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 2001 facebook_logo.jpg
Class of 2008 facebook_logo.jpg