Print Shop and Copy Center

The Annapolis Print Shop and Copy Center is located in the right wing of the Heating Plant on St. John's Street, next to the Mellon parking lot.


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Contact Information

Michael Jordan

Copier Capabilities and Features

The Print Shop has a new 80 ppm COLOR copier.

Paper Sizes, Weights, and Colors

Paper Sizes
5 ½ x 8 ½
8 ½ x 11
8 ½ x 14
11 x 17

16 lb-40 lb Bond
50 lb-80 lb Cover
90 lb-110 lb Index

A variety of about 24 colors of bonds kept in stock purchased from two local paper merchants representing 40 domestic and international paper mills.

Recycled Papers
College letterhead and envelopes are on recycled papers, as are many specialty papers used in college publications


The Print Shop takes part in recycling its paper waste.


Like the Bookstore, the Print Shop is an auxiliary part of the college, and is audited every July. Therefore it charges for all its services; the intention and goal is a break-even operation. All faculty and campus offices have annual budgets. Student organizations have funds distributed to them through the DC. Some student publications, such as The Gadfly and Energeia have money budgeted to them through the college.


We can reduce and enlarge 25%-400% in 1% increments.

Stapling and Bindery

Single and double stapling is available, 100 page maximum (8 ½ x 11). 

The large copier features on-line stream punching as copy prints for binding later-speeding up the coil binding process for lab manuals and other instructional materials. Two interchangeable dies are available for GBC plastic comb bind and plastic oil binding (11 inch side only).

Minimum- 5 ½ x 8 ½- Folded
Maximum- 12 x 18- Folded

Copies can be collated, or left unstapled in collated sets.

Finishing Services

Pick-up and Delivery

Faculty pick-up and delivery of work to be copied available twice daily in the Mellon workroom between the Assistant Dean’s Office and the Registrar’s Office. Staff may call for pick-up and delivery of work at no charge, of course. Jobs may be sent by campus mail if it is not urgent. Walk-ins and copy-while-you-wait jobs are quite welcome, too.

Turn-around times

Depending on the size of the job, quantities needed, and finishing required (binding/folding etc.), turnaround may be as little as an hour. Most jobs can be done within one working day.

Electronic Processing

Documents can be scanned at speeds up to 80 sheets per minute (spm) for black and white and 80 spm for color. Optical resolution is 600 dpi.

File Formats

Documents may be sent using the network and the Print Shop folder or via e-mail to chris.colby(at)

File Types Supported


UPS picks up Monday-Friday at about 3 p.m. (except on holidays). College Offices, staff, faculty and students are welcome to use this service as well. Packages must be addressed and brought to the Print Shop no later than 1 p.m. for processing. Check or cash only- sorry, we have no way to process credit cards. Offices are billed.

Mailing and Mail List Processing Services

The Mailroom and the Print Shop are separate operations at the college.

Inter-office pick-ups, faculty, student and staff P.O. Boxes are all serviced by the Mailroom staff and its student aides. All outgoing office mail picked up by the Mailroom staff is the responsibility of the Mailroom, and it is processed twice daily. Mail picked up at the post office is also distributed by the Mailroom only.

However, when the Postal Service (USPS) began automating and offering discounts to educational institutions, they strongly recommended that if there is an in-plant print shop that it combine automated mail processing equipment with their printing operation. With this combination of printing/mailing, we quite often print, for example, a postcard, then process a mailing list through the USPS database, address the mail piece, meter it, and mail it the same day.

In 1996 the Print Shop bought its first Neopost addressing machine, computer and mail list processing programs and computer to, using the USPS database, get substantial discounts of up to 75% on automated standard (bulk) rate mailings. A new computerized metering machine was installed to process first class and automated pre-sort first class mail.

By using the USPS database - which is upgraded for us every six weeks - we are able to tap into NCOALink (National Change of Address) over the internet in California and print out a report containing changes of address in any of the many mailing lists the college maintains.

Again, by using the USPS database, every address on a list can be certified as a mailable address, and those that fail the certification can be printed out in a report detailing the errors so our lists can be made “automation compatible” for the USPS. By certifying our lists we reduce the processing time that a piece of mail takes to be delivered, and lower mailing costs for the college.

Mail Service Center Capabilities

Additionally, the Print Shop will do mail runs to the Eastport Post Office to insure time sensitive mailings are expedited.