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Annapolis Office of Communications

The Offices of Communications in Santa Fe and Annapolis jointly manage external and internal communications efforts of the two campuses. Each office produces a calendar of events, press releases on college news and events, publications, and periodicals.

Annapolis Office of Communications
St. John's College
60 College Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401

Patricia Dempsey, Director of Communications 
Phone: 410-972-4511

Gregory Shook, Associate Director of Communications
Phone: 410-626-2539

Jennifer Behrens, Art Director
Phone: 410-972-4515

Katie Matlack, Communications Specialist/Web and Publications 
Phone: 410-972-4516

Social Media Guidelines:
→ College-wide Social Media Guidelines

Editorial Style Guidelines:  

The editorial style guide ensures consistency and clarity in the College’s print and online publications. This style guide is based, primarily, on the Chicago Manual of Style, although other sources are used as well.  It also notes style guidelines and usage—words like “Johnnies”-- that reflect specific preferences and practices, to insure that communications remain stylistically consistent.

 Editorial Style Guide

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