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Annapolis Summer 2014 GI Commencement

Posted by Brianne Leith on August 11, 2014

AN_GI_0814_Bill.JPGThe Commencement for the Graduate Institute's summer class of 2014 honored the achievements of eleven students on August 8 at McDowell's Great Hall in Annapolis.

The SJC Alumni Association selected Nathan Elias Bradshaw's essay as the best from all summer 2014 tutorial essays. His paper was titled "Variety is the Vice of Life: The Composition of Man in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics."

Tutor John Verdi gave the address to the graduating class:

"Contrary to what you might be expecting, St. John’s is not today conferring a degree on you. Rather you are conferring it on yourselves. You have been both students and teachers during your time here, all of you together, in a common activity that has produced effects both public and private. Who better than you can attest to the transformations your minds and souls have undergone? Who better than you knows how you have learned that it is both more profound and more elevating to ask a single question than to listen to a hundred answers? For a thinker, which each of you is, an answer is a wall, while a question is a door. At St. John’s we, all of us thinkers, open doors." (See full text at the Greenfield Library.) 

Congratulations to the following thinkers for earning their master's degrees: 

Nathan Elias Bradshaw               Swannanoa, North Carolina
Aileen Reine Sawabi Coccia               Randolph, New Jersey
Michele Colella Hutchinson               Damascus, Maryland
Regina Lynn Johnson               Millington, Maryland
Michael Thomas Mayo               Annapolis, Maryland
Jason Donald Meyers               Phillipsburg, New Jersey
Julia Katherine Patt               Mitchellville, Maryland
William Cogel Reed, III               Boone, North Carolina
Nancy Lee Schweikert               Raleigh, North Carolina
Laurel Lynn Sheridan               Los Angeles, California
David Herman Veenstra                Salt Lake City, Utah