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A Dramatic Iliad Reading

Posted by Brianne Leith on August 27, 2014


A group of faculty and staff treated members of the Annapolis campus community to a dramatic reading on August 26 in the Great Hall of McDowell. The 12 tutors performed "The First Booke of the Iliads of Homer, Prince of Poets" translated by George Chapman (1598).

This translation inspired John Keats’ sonnet “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer.” 


Narrator, the Bard           Louis Petrich
Jupiter (Zeus)           Jon Tuck
Juno (Hera)           Judith Seeger
Minerva (Pallas Athena)           Pamela Kraus
Ephaistus           Peter Kalkavage
Thetis, goddess mother of Achilles           Sarah Stickney
Agamemnon           Robin Dunn
Nestor           William Braithwaite
Achilles           Robert Williamson
Ulysses (Ithacus)           Peter Kalkavage
Calchas, Prophet of the Grecians           Jeffrey Black
Chryses, priest of Phoebus Apollo           Thomas May