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SJC Santa Fe Graduate Institute Lecture

Posted by Chris Gruber on June 25, 2014


“Nagarjuna’s Imperishable Promissory Note,” presented by April Olsen, a doctoral candidate at Tulane University


Nagarjuna was a 2nd Century Indian Buddhist philosopher who articulated the doctrine of emptiness (Shunyata) and is traditionally regarded as the founder of the Madhyamika ("Middle Way") school, an important tradition of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy.

After graduating from Notre Dame in 2000, Olsen taught middle and high school for a decade in Chicago and San Diego County. She received a master of arts in liberal arts and a master of arts in Eastern Classics from St. John’s College in 2012. She is currently doctoral student in philosophy at Tulane University, where she teaches undergraduate classes in Buddhism. 


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