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The St. John's Review Spring 2014 Issue

Posted by Susan Jenkins on May 20, 2014

The Spring 2014 issue of The St. John's Review is now available online.

Volume 55, Number 2 (Spring 2014) 

Read this issue online at

Essays & Lectures

The Mutuality of Imagining and Thinking: On Dennis Sepper’s 

Understanding Imagination: The Reason of Images

Eva Brann

Similarity and Equality in Euclid and Apollonius

Michael N. Fried

The Soul’s Choice of Life

Greg Recco

Artistic Expression in Animals

Linda Wiener



Hannah Eagleson

Three Poems from Les Fleurs du Mal

by Charles Baudelaire

Peter Kalkavage

The Second Sense

Elliott Zuckerman


To Save the Ideas

Book Review of Daniel Sherman’s Soul, World, and Idea:

An Interpretation of Plato’s Republic and Phaedo

Eva Brann

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