Programs & Events

Annapolis, Formal Lecture Series 2013-2014

Notice: Lectures begin at 8 p.m. They are free and open to the public. For more information on the lecture series, please call 410-626-2539.

Lectures are archived in the Greenfield Library; those available online have links below.

Date Speaker Title
August 23 Ms. Pamela Kraus
St. John's College
Robert Frost’s “To Earthward”
August 30 Professor Irene Pepperberg
Department of Psychology Harvard University
Grey Parrot Number Acquisitions: Parallels With and Differences From Young Children
September 6 Ms. Linda Wiener
St. John’s College Santa Fe
Artistic Expression in Animals
September 13 Mr. David Townsend
St. John’s College Annapolis
The Declaration of Independence: Is That Philosophy, or Did You Make It Up Yourself?
September 20 Mr. William Braithwaite
St. John’s College Annapolis
Is Obscenity Obsolete?
September 27
Mr. Matthew Linck
St. John’s College Annapolis
Knowing and Ground: A Reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit
October 4 Long Weekend No lecture
October 11 Professor William Peirce
Department of Economics Case Western University
Can Taxes Be Fair? Should They Be?
October 18 Professor Ronna Burger
Department of Philosophy
Tulane University
In the Wilderness: Moses as Founder and Lawgiver
October 25 Professor Daniel P. Maher
Department of Philosophy Assumption College
Aristotle on Friendship and Teaching Philosophy
November 1
(Parents' Weekend)
November 8 All College Seminar No Lecture
November 15 Mr. George Russell
St. John’s College Annapolis
The Emancipation Proclamation and the New Birth of Freedom
November 22 Mr. Michael Brogan
St. John’s College Annapolis
Dwelling in the Land of the Confessions
November 29 Thanksgiving No lecture
December 6 King William Players Performance
December 13 - January 5 Winter Vacation No lectures
January 10 Professor John T. Scott
Department of Political Science University of California, Davis
Resentment, Injustice, and the Appeal to Providence in Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments
January 17
(Steiner Lecture)
Professor Christopher Ricks Boston University T. S. Eliot: More Than One Waste Land
January 24 Professor Richard Velkley
Department of Philosophy Tulane University
Why Does Heidegger Matter?: Leo Strauss's View
January 31 Long Weekend No lecture
February 7 Professor David Roochnik
Department of Philosophy Boston University
Teleology as Death Wish: A Nietzschean Critique of Aristotle
February 14 Concert
February 21 Professor Graham Harman
Department of Philosophy American University in Cairo
Dante's Ontology: What the Florentine Poet Can Teach Contemporary Philosophers
February 28 - March 16 Spring Vacation No lectures
March 21 Mr. Daniel Harrell
St. John’s College Annapolis
Making Time Count
March 28 Concert
April 4 Mr. Robert Goldberg
St. John’s College Annapolis
The Liberal Education of Plato’s Laws
April 11 Professor Tobin Craig
James Madison College
Michigan State University
 "The Place of 'Technology' in Bacon's Critique of Ancient Philosophy"
April 18 Professor Christopher J. Kelly
Department of Political Science
Boston College
Rousseau’s Chemical Apprenticeship
April 25 King William Players Performance
May 2 Reality Weekend No lecture
May 9 Commencement Weekend No lecture

"Make a virtue of necessity."
- Chaucer