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St. John’s College prepares students for a broad range of career options. The Program’s solid liberal arts foundation, which includes mathematics and science as well the humanities, produces fearless alumni who are always ready to try new ideas and learn new skills. Johnnies bring excellent communication, listening, and writing skills to whichever career fields they choose. Career Services provides individualized information, advice, and encouragement so that students and alumni know what is possible as they consider their lives outside the classroom and after St. John’s. Career Services works with undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni, and answers questions for parents and prospective students.


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Building Relationships
All members of the Career Services staff meet one-on-one with students and alumni to learn about interests, dreams and future plans.  This personal contact enables the staff to understand individual student’s needs such as summer internships, graduate school, off-campus employment or career guidance. The moderate size of the student body means that Career Services can build profitable and constructive relationships.  If students or alumni are willing to drop in or set up appointments, the Director, Assistant Director and Internship Coordinator can help them create, develop and pursue plans for experiences that will supplement their work in the classroom. The office is open to students from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, and at other times by prior arrangement.  The staff can be contacted by calling (505) 984-6066, (505) 984-6067, or (505) 984-6132.  The general email address is modell(at)


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Special Career Events and Opportunities
Career Services hosts special career events throughout the academic year, including:

Career Services also presents hands-on workshops, often in answer to student requests, including


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Employment Services
The Career Services office coordinates the college’s Work-Study program, assisting eligible students to find jobs on campus or through special contracts with outside agencies.  Local, national and international job opportunities are advertised in (Career Services’ information management system available to registered St. John’s students and alumni) and placed on a Job Board located in the basement of Weigle Hall. Opportunities may also be highlighted on the Career Services Facebook page Local listings commonly include teaching, tutoring, babysitting, landscaping, retail and service jobs, as well as miscellaneous employment requests from neighbors and friends of the college. Career Services is always happy to speak one-on-one with students to assist them in finding employment resources.


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Job and Internship Information Links

Professional Organizations

Other Resources:

Do you know of any good job sites? Have any recommendations or suggestions? Let us know by e-mailing modell(at)

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Career Services Resources
Odyssey Bound, Career Services’ monthly newsletter provides information on careers and career advice, graduate schools, summer research, internships, study abroad opportunities, networking, alumni contacts, jobs and much more.  It is posted online and in the Resource Library of Agora, with hard copies available in Peterson Student Center, Meem Library and downstairs in Weigle Hall.

The Career Services Library has books, magazines, newspapers and scholarly journals on topics ranging from graduate entrance exams (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT), international schools and teacher certification programs to advice on resumescover letters and job interviews.  The library also has two computers with Internet access, as well as a printer, for use by students and alumni.  The library is open the same hours as Career Services (9am – 5 pm, Monday-Friday).

For those interested in traveling abroad, teaching English overseas, applying to graduate school or looking for work after graduation please take a look at the following resources:

Plotting Graduate School
Travel Workbook
In Between Jobs
Internship FAQ
Teaching Abroad
Is Teaching in your Future?
Trade Workshop Websites
Trade School Workshop

Career Services has access to an extensive network of alumni who are willing to speak with current students about the value of a St. John’s education and their current jobs/careers. To tap into that network, contact the Career Services office.

Career Services can also assist students, alumni, staff and faculty in researching topics such as short-term jobs, career paths, graduate school options and much more. Please use the resources linked on this page to start your search, it is much easier to help you find what you want when you’ve already begun to think about it. If you are not finding what you need or are not sure where to look, fill out a Research Request and email it to Career Services or drop it by the office.  The staff will do the appropriate research and contact you with information from the web, alumni, and Career Services Library.

Career Services creates a file for each undergraduate student who matriculates at the college.  This file can contain information about work-study employment, letters of recommendation from tutors and employers, transcripts, and other documents the student wishes to have in a safe central location. Graduate students may also request the creation of such a file on their behalf. As students graduate and begin making specific plans for jobs or further education, they ask Career Services to send these documents to employers and graduate/professional schools.


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Fellowships and Scholarships
Students and recent graduates are encouraged to apply for national and international fellowships and scholarships, including

For these competitions which require nomination by the college, as well as many other less well-known opportunities, the Director is available for consultation and advice on application preparation.  The staff also assists students in researching possible funding sources for graduate school, summer research, study abroad, internships or post-baccalaureate studies. Students are encouraged to find the competitions for which they are eligible and begin their applications well in advance of the deadlines. Students interested in medical school may also be eligible for funds to take summer chemistry courses through the Thorne Premedical Endowment Scholarship (available only to students currently enrolled at the Santa Fe campus).

All fellowship and scholarship competitions, as well as graduate school applications, require applicants to write a Statement of Purpose or Letter of Intent.  Particular scholarships and graduate schools may have instructions for what information must be included in this statement, but overall this is your chance to let the reader know why you are applying, a bit about you as an individual, what specific competencies or experiences you have to offer, how this program is an important continuation of what you have already done in your life, especially educationally, and finally what you plan to do in the future, for which this scholarship or graduate school program is the essential next step.  The Career Services office has many resources to help you with these statements, including examples written by other St. John’s students and alumni.  A good online resource for help in writing statements of purpose is Joe Schall’s “Writing Personal Statements,” which can be found at  He incorporates excellent general advice, along with samples of letters for specific scholarships and fellowships.  Be sure to meet with the Director of Career Services to talk about this very specific writing form and for help with editing your final drafts.


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Pathways Fellowships Program

Established in the fall of 2013, the Pathways Fellowships Program has been created to enable St. John’s students to transition into graduate study or careers that call for special or prerequisite courses. Through this program, students are able to enroll, for example, in teacher education courses for the pursuit of public school teaching, art classes in preparation of a portfolio, pre-medical courses, or study abroad programs. (These are only a sample of options and not meant to be all-encompassing). St. John’s College is committed to supporting students in the pursuit of such endeavors. For 2013-2014, applications will be accepted from all current full-time sophomores, juniors, and seniors, including international students, on the Santa Fe campus, who are in good academic and disciplinary standing. The maximum award is $2,500, but amounts vary depending on each situation and budget. (Transfer students from Annapolis may apply while enrolled in Santa Fe.)  Financial need does not affect a student’s eligibility for a Pathways Fellowship. Students must be returning to either the Santa Fe or Annapolis campus in the fall immediately following their fellowship experience, unless they are graduating seniors. GPAs will be considered for all proposals for credit-granting academic programs. Contact the Career Services office for application details and deadlines.


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Ariel Internship Program
The Ariel Internship Program offers 20+ summer stipends to encourage students to gain practical experience while exploring possible career fields. Internships have ranged from apprenticing with a custom guitar maker to training in legal mediation to teaching students aspiring to be the first in their families to attend college. Internship grants also have been received specifically for students interested in medicine or bio-medical careers. Career Services assists students in finding established internships or in developing individual opportunities for career exploration, even if they do not intend to apply for Ariel funding.  The college’s Internship Committee, coordinated by Career Services, considers Ariel requests each February and makes awards based on a competitive application process.


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Contact Information:
General inquiries: SantaFe.CareerServices(at)
Margaret Odell, Director of Career Services modell(at); (505) 984-6067
Barbara Lucero Sand, Assistant Director & Internship Coordinator; blucerosand(at); (505) 984-6132
Heidi McDonald, Administrative Assistant; hmcdonald(at) (505) 984-6066

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