Q: I need help marketing a program or event, where do I begin?

A: Contact us to determine the scope of your project and we will set up a meeting.  This will help us determine  how simple or complex your project is, and what you need—including  marketing strategy, media relations, print  and online marketing materials, web pages, e-blasts, social media, print and online advertising, etc.  We are happy to answer questions, troubleshoot, and brainstorm ideas with you. Once we meet and assess your project, next steps include developing a plan and production schedule.  Please contact the Associate Director for a project request form and to set up a meeting.

Q: I would like to promote my program or event in the media.  Where do I start? 

A: Please send detailed information about your program or event.  Please allow at least 4 weeks to develop ads, press releases and story pitches to meet editors’ and producers’ deadlines.  For some outlets, such as magazines and other national media, there is a long lead time for deadlines, so you may need to allow several months. This applies to their advertising schedules as well. Depending on the project, we may set up a meeting to develop a marketing strategy that incorporates various (news, social, etc.) media.

Q: How long does it take to complete a project?

A: It varies with the complexity of the project .  A postcard for example – while it may look simple – can take several weeks if it needs a new logo design, text, images, web links, and to be integrated as part of a marketing plan that may include e-blasts, web pages, social media, sponsorships, and other publicity; each step may involve a different staff member and review process as well as an outside vendor — so advance planning is a big help.  At the other end of the spectrum, you can produce a simple postcard on your own at the campus Copy Shop.

Q: How much notice is suggested?

A: Ideally, as much as possible!  But we understand that some projects arise at the last minute, and we do our best to accommodate these requests.  Each summer we develop an annual production schedule; this is the ideal time to let us know your schedule for programs and events (even if tentative) for the year.  While mapping out your annual goals, feel free to ask us questions.  We are also available to brainstorm any idea you may have at any time—just give us a call. 


I need assistance with photography and/or video to promote my program or event. Can you help?

Depending on your budget, schedule, and the quality needed, we can recommend photographers and videographers. These include freelancers, student aids, and Communications staff.