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Fall 2013

Student Activities Center Offers Rock Climbing and Skiing Trips

For the benefit of students’ minds and bodies, the Student Activities Center is planning a number of outdoor activities off campus, including several weekends in November rock-climbing at local crags. For students staying around for Thanksgiving Break, either a ski trip to Wolf Creek or rock climbing at Hueco Tanks State Park will be offered, depending on the weather.  In addition, there should be enough snow at either Taos or Ski Santa Fe by the first weekend in December, which means both opportunities to ski and to snowshoe. 

On campus, a range of activities – both physical and creative –is available to students to give them a healthy break from their studies, no matter their skill level.  Flag Football has been going strong since earlier this fall, as has 4 Square, which may move indoors when the temperatures drop. Spikeball, which can be played outdoors (even on snow) or indoors, has just been introduced.  In celebration of Halloween, the SAC plans  Zombie Dodgeball.  Students can lift weights, workout on a variety of machines, or attend regular classes in martial arts, Kettle Bells, and overall strength training. Twice weekly yoga classes, with a highly qualified instructor, are offered at times that accommodate both undergraduate and graduate schedules.   Tetherball courts, to be located near the dorms, are coming next semester.  Meanwhile, the pottery studio and darkroom are busy, and a fundamentals of art class with an instructor from Santa Fe’s vibrant art community is in the works.  Students responding to a survey at the beginning of the academic year suggested a number of new activities, such as archery, which also will be explored.

A Facebook page keeps students informed of the latest activities and club news. More activities are planned throughout the year.

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