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Executive Seminars Overview

St. John's College Executive Seminars aim to address fundamental questions of the human condition through a close reading and discussion of timeless great works of literature, philosophy, and political discourse. Faculty members, called tutors, meet with about 20 participants once a month for 90 minutes to discuss one of these enduring texts. The seminar discussion is exploratory; no previous knowledge of the author, text, or subject is required and participants refer only to books the group has read together. The tutors do not set an agenda of topics to be covered.

At the college, we believe that real learning happens when seminar participants take responsibility for understanding these beautiful but difficult works through discussion with others. In such discussion participants come to a deeper understanding of the reading and of the issues it raises. One of the tutors begins each session with a question that has no simple answer.

The character and course of the conversation are determined by the demands of the text and by the willingness of all members of the seminar to state their opinions clearly and reasonably. Such a discussion is not a debate: challenging the ideas of others or offering alternative thinking is encouraged, with insight as the goal.

For twenty years the college has offered seminars for professionals and executives in a number of cities. These seminars are specially structured to suit the needs of busy people who, immersed in careers and families, value serious conversation with their peers about ideas that have challenged humankind through the ages.

Theme 2015-2016: Courage and Ambition

Courage is one of the four great classical Greek virtues—the other three being Prudence, Justice, and Wisdom. In 2015-16 the Executive Seminar will examine the ancient virtue of courage and its relation to ambition. We will examine the ambition for good things, where we balance our courage with moderation, justice, and common sense. We will also examine what happens when we overreach in our ambition, which can lead us to immoderate courage that flounders in the dark swamp of recklessness, intemperance, unfairness, and stupidity. Join us as we discuss the boundaries of courage and ambition and how we might properly balance the two.

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