Santa Fe Commencement Weekend 2014

May 23 & 24, 2014



Seventy-three undergraduates and thirty-two graduate students took part in the commencement ceremony, held on campus in the Weigle Placita.

The greatest concentration of graduating seniors are from the states of California (14), followed by New Mexico (10), Texas (8), Washington (5), and New York (5). Several foreign countries are also represented among the graduates—Bolivia, China, France, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Our 2014 commencement speaker, Mr. John L. Gray of Washington, D.C., is the director of the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institute, and former president of the Museum of the American West. He has also had a distinguished 25-year career in banking and government. Mr. Gray is an alumnus of the St. John’s College graduate program in Eastern Classics and also serves on the St. John’s College Presidents' Council.