Community Seminars  2014 -15


Community Seminars are special opportunities for community members to read and discuss seminal works in the same unique manner as our students. Seminars are discussion-based and small in size in order to ensure spirited dialogue. There are topics to pique every interest, and for many participants the discussion-based learning model is an entirely new experience.


This October, we invite you to participate in St. John's College Conference "What is Liberal Education For?" For more information click here.


Shakespeare:  The History Plays

Friday, November 14, 4-6pm, Shakespeare’s Richard II
Saturday, November 15, 10am-Noon, Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part I
Cost:  $125 for Friday and Saturday sessions.
Teachers receive half off the seminar price.
Juniors and seniors in high school attend free.

Shakespeare:  The History Plays

St. John’s College President Mike Peters and Tutor Lise van Boxel will lead two series of Community Seminars covering Shakespeare’s English History plays.  In the fall, Richard II and Henry IV, part 1 will comprise a two-seminar series.   In the spring semester, Henry IV, part 2 and Henry V will comprise a second two-seminar series.  

Shakespeare’s second tetralogy plays covering “The War of the Roses” offer remarkable insight into the overlapping intricacies of the political and the personal with action ranging from the courts, to the battlefields to the flea-bitten inns of London.  High politics, shrewd statecraft, low comedy and memorable characters all find keen expression in these plays.

Community members can sign-up for one or both series. The texts are available for purchase at the St. John’s College Bookstore.


Shakespeare: The History Plays

Friday, February 13, 4-6pm: Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part II

Saturday, February 14, 10am-Noon: Shakespeare’s King Henry V

Cost:  $125 for Friday and Saturday sessions


Recent Topics Include:

Plato and Socrates on Love in the Phaedrus and Symposium

Egypt and Islam

Three Films by Akira Kurosawa: Seven Samurai, Throne of Blood, and Ran

Please call 505-984-6118 or email Yoshi Gruber to register for any of the seminars. Full-time teachers with proof of current employment can enroll in a Community Seminar at a 50-percent discount. Community Seminars are free to 11th and 12th grade high school students (limited spaces available).

Give the gift of education. Gift certificates available.

Full refund will be made to participants who cancel at least one week prior to the first seminar meeting.