Computer Labs

IT Support Services Guide


ITS’ goal is to enable you to use information technologies to fully support your work at the College. We provide you with computers, networks and software. AND we provide you with support services to ensure that you can use these systems to meet your needs. Here is a brief guide to accessing these services.


Contact the Help Desk if:

  • your college computer, printer, phone, or application is not working properly
  • your access to the campus network is not working properly
  • you are having problems accessing your college email or the Web
  • you have a quick question about how to do something on your college computer – e.g., how do you set a right Tab in Word, how do you save a file to your network folder
  • you have an in-depth question or problem regarding an Office application or Outlook
  • you want to check on the status of an ITS service
  • you have other IT questions that you would like to get to the right person in ITS

Email: Help Desk (SF)
Phone: 505-984-6196


Contact the CX Administrator, Jean Bransford if…

  • you have a particular question or concern about your use of the CX system

NOTE: If you have a routine request such as user permissions or menu configuration, please send email to “Help Desk (SF).”

  • you would like to know if CX can meet your office’s needs for record keeping and information management

Email: Bransford, Jean
Phone: 505-984-6095


Contact the ITS Operations Supervisor if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding...

  • ITS services
  • ITS policies
  • you have needs for new computer equipment, software, FAX or copy machines
  • you would like to explore possibilities for
    managing your office's information
    converting from paper to electronic forms and documents
    using email or the Web to collect or distribute information

Email: Help Desk (SF)
Phone:  505-984-6196