Student Account Information, 2013–14

Santa Fe

Miscellaneous Charges

Library Fines: Student accounts are billed for replacement and processing costs if materials are not returned or renewed as required. Overdue notices are sent to borrowers through campus mail. Review the student handbook for details.

Interest: Interest will accrue on student account balances on the last day of each month on unpaid balances at the rate of 12% annually. Participants in the payment plan are exempt from interest until payment end date. Payment plans in delinquent status are subject to interest charges.

Parking Citations: Parking citations are issued as follows: First violation—written warning, second violation—$20 fine, third violation—$20 fine and/or towed. Parking fines will be billed to the student account and are due within 30 days of receipt. See parking policies and procedures for details.

Graduation Fee: Graduating seniors and final term graduate students are assessed a $100 graduation fee during their final semester. The fee pays for their cap, gown, hood, diploma and commencement activities. This fee is charged whether or not the student participates in the ceremony.

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