Student Account Information, 2013–14

Santa Fe


Vehicle registration fee (parking fee) will no longer be billed on the student account. All students parking their vehicles, motorcycles, or mopeds on campus must register and obtain a parking sticker for their vehicle. Campers, trailers, motor homes, commercial size trucks, and inoperable vehicles are not permitted to park on campus. Vehicle registration stickers are purchased during registration. Student registering their vehicle to park on campus will be required to read and agree to the parking policies and procedures page.

Undergraduate Vehicle Registration Fee:

Two semesters: 
$100 on campus students; $50 off campus students

Graduate Institute Vehicle Registration Fee

Two semesters: $50
One semester: $35
One semester: $50 on campus students (summer only)

Parking Citations are Issued as Follows:

First violation: Written warning
Second violation: $20 fine
Third violation: $20 fine or towed

Parking citations are billed to the student account and are due within 30 days of receipt.

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