Santa Fe Office of the Treasurer

Information on W-4 and I-9 Forms

All student employees of the college must complete both the W-4 and I-9 forms. Both forms must be completed before a student can officially begin working.

The W-4 form is also called the "Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate." It tells the college's payroll department how many deductions you are claiming (i.e., yourself, your spouse and children, if you are married, or none). For students, the W-4 form must be completed each academic year.

The I-9 form is also titled "Employment Eligibility Verification." All employers are required to have this form on file for each employee, because it confirms whether that employee can legitimately work in the United States. The I-9 asks for some basic information about the employee (name, address, birth date, citizenship) and then each employee must produce identification to back up these basic facts. The most comprehensive form of ID is a U.S. passport - either current or expired. If an employee does not have a passport, she/he must produce two other acceptable identification documents. There is a complete list of these documents on the back of the I-9 form, but what most students use is one of these combinations: driver's license/state ID AND Social Security card, St. John's student ID AND Social Security card, or driver's license/state ID AND birth certificate. Foreign students need to show all of their immigration documents, including passport, plus I-94 and I-20 visa information. Whatever form of ID is presented, it must be an original rather than a copy. Each student must complete the I-9 form, including presentation of the ID, within 3 days of being hired for a job at St. John's. If a student does not have the necessary ID within 3 days, they must produce a receipt showing that they have applied for the ID within that 3-day time frame, and then they must produce the ID within 90 days. If students fail to bring sufficient ID when they arrive at St. John's, they must make arrangements to produce the ID within three days after receiving a job offer. Any offers of employment are put on hold until the I-9 form is completed, and individual departments may choose to re-post a job if a student does not complete the I-9 within the time specified. The I-9 form only needs to be completed once during a student's time at St. John's, unless there is a change in status (i.e., new name, new citizenship, new immigration status).

The W-4 and I-9 forms are available in the Career Services Office. Students normally complete these forms during fall registration or as soon as they have been hired at other times of the academic year. The W-4 forms are kept on file in the Treasurer's Office and the I-9 file is maintained at Career Services. For more information about these forms and their use at St. John's College, contact Margaret Odell, Director of Career Services at 505-984-6066 or