Student Clubs and Organizations

The Moon

The Moon is the official St. John’s student-run monthly newspaper. The Moon prints feature articles, editorial columns, literary pieces, movie reviews, current college events, and more. For more information, e-mail


Grout is the official St. John’s College literary magazine. Grout accepts submissions throughout the entire school year and publishes throughout both semesters. Students interested in writing, art, photography, or layout and publishing are invited to join the team. For more information, contact the College Events Office at ext.6139.


sweeneytodd.jpgChrysostomos is the talented theater group of St. John’s College, Santa Fe. A student can become a member by attending three consecutive meetings or by participating in a show. Students can pursue acting, directing, tech work and set/costume design. Meetings are listed in the Ephemera. Contact Thomas McBee, college events coordinator, at ext. 6139 for more information. 


Students interested in the study of astronomy have access to 10 to 12 telescopes, a portable planetarium, and Santa Fe’s breathtaking night sky. For more information, contact Mr. Bill Donahue in ESL 110 or at ext. 6452.

The Eldritch Fellowship of the Icosahedron

Fight dragons! Save princesses! Escape from the mundane toil of St John’s by picking up your sword, spell book, and bag of dice and joining the Eldritch Fellowship. While most members are involved in tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons or 7th Sea, our ranks also include players of Warhammer and Magic: The Gathering. If you’re new to tabletop role-playing, or don’t have the time to juggle academics and an ongoing game, come to a series of single-session games throughout the school year. We also host an annual gathering (“Johnnycon”) in spring for gamers to meet, mingle, and play. Contact Matthew Renn for information.

Project Politae

Project Politae is a group of students, tutors, and staff dedicated to service in the Santa Fe community. Members pursue projects such as building houses for Habitat for Humanity, gardening at local farms, building trails and tutoring school children. The projects focus on improving the community and learning about environmental sustainability. Projects are chosen that give students the opportunity to volunteer on- or off-campus to help people in Santa Fe. Project Politae is open to all students. Contact the Assistant Dean’s Office at ext. 6925 for meeting time and place.

Student Polity

Polity is the undergraduate student government that is run by elected student officers. Students meet weekly to discuss current issues critical for the student body and to decide on funding requests. Funding for certain acceptable student-driven groups and activities is disbursed only after a formal budget request and a hearing process. Polity also serves as student representation to the outside community and maintains communication between the student body, faculty members and the college administration. Students may gain voting rights after attending three consecutive meetings. Meetings are held on Tuesdays, 5:30–7:30 p.m., in the Junior Common Room.

Student Committee on Instruction (SCI)

The SCI is designed to serve as a forum for the student body concerning academic issues. Members examine the St. John’s program, meet with potential tutors and set up events such as discussion panels and guerilla seminars. The SCI will also assist in the starting and promotion of certain study groups. Meetings are held on Tuesdays, 12–1:30 p.m., in the Private Dining Room.

Student Residence Committee (SRC)

The SRC is a project-based committee of Student Polity designed to address the facilities concerns of all students, both on and off campus. The SRC welcomes student input regarding campus life and suggestions for its improvement. Contact the Assistant Dean’s Office at ext. 6925 for meeting time and place.

Student Review Board (SRB)

The SRB is committed to resolving disputes among college community members, providing a mediating link between students and college administrators as well as upholding the rules of the Student Handbook. The SRB provides a forum in which students who appear to have broken the rules or are otherwise at odds with the community can be heard by their peers. The SRB also occasionally considers disciplinary matters referred to it by the assistant dean. As a standing committee, its members are appointed by the Student Polity. For more information, contact the Assistant Dean’s Office at ext. 6925.