Extra-Curricular Arts & Dance

Black and White Film Photography


Photography is another way to see, to reflect on what is around you, to note and explore the meaning of events in your life. Students new to photography and those already engaged in photography are welcome to come learn and master key techniques in black and white photography, or to explore topics of interest to you. A complete darkroom facility on campus is available to all.

Photographic Composition (Spring)

Photography is either accidental or deliberate in its outcome. Accidental results may be pleasing but unreliable. Deliberate results in photography require specific skills. We will give you knowledge of composition as a basis for a personal sense of vision. Your photography will step up in quality, frequency of good results and more personal pleasure when you and others look at them. Through discussions, outdoor field sessions and review of your work, you will go from just snapshots to meaningful photographs.

Photography classes are taught by Mark Obenzinger. Mark has over 30 years experience in photography, has taught photography in New York, and is a founder of A Photographer’s Forum in Santa Fe. For more information, please contact the SAC at ext. 6149.


Learn the fundamentals of wheel-thrown, hand-built ceramics. Basic throwing, trimming and glazing techniques are taught for many functional forms including cups, bowls and plates. Hand-building and sculptural techniques such as coiling and slab construction are also explored. Demonstration and technical information will be provided with attention to individual needs. $20 is collected from each student for the semester to help pay for supplies. Pottery is led by Siddiq Khan who was educated at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London and the Pratt Institute of Design in New York. He has taught pottery at St. John’s College since 1992. Info: Mike Thurber, ext. 6148 or mthurber@sjc.edu.

Tango Dancedance1.jpg

Yes, we teach one of the most influential and romantic dances ever known: Tango! All are welcome; bring your dancing shoes.

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dance teaches the fundamentals of social partner dancing. Students learn and practice Swing, Latin, and Ballroom styles of dancing. The goal of the class is to enable students to feel comfortable dancing in a social setting.

Dance classes change or are added annually based on student interest and participation. For more information on dance classes, please contact the College Events Office at ext. 6139.