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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 1098-T tax form and what do I do with it?
The 1098-T is an informational tax form letting you know what information has been sent to the IRS. A 1098-T is sent to each student who was billed tuition during the previous calendar year. For more information on 1098-Ts, click here.

How do I change my meal plan?
Students living on campus in the dorms are required to select a 20 or 14 meal plan. Students may change their selection using the Meal Plan Selection Form provided in billing packets or download a printable version below. Or, you may contact the Treasurer's Office at any time. Meal plans can be changed during the first five days of each semester at no charge, after the first five days a $50 fee will be charged to change meal plans.

Undergraduate Meal Plan Form (PDF)
GI Meal Plan Form (PDF)

Can I charge books on my Student Account or can my parents send extra money for books?
No. Students/parents can purchase gift certificates from the bookstore to be used for books and other merchandise at the bookstore. The bookstore gift certificates do not expire and can only be used for merchandise in the bookstore. The bookstore accepts cash, checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Please contact the bookstore at 505-984-6056 or if you need additional information.

I have been awarded work-study; what do I need to do to get a job?
Once you receive your work-study award, relax until registration for the fall semester. There is nothing you can do over the summer about getting a work-study job on campus. One of the stops at fall registration will be at the Career Services Office where you find out what jobs are available, fill out employment forms (W-4 and I-9), and pick up a job application. If you have questions about work-study before you arrive at St. John's, call the Career Services Office at 505-984-6066 or 505-984-6067.

I am applying for financial aid; what is the federal school ID number?
FASFA: 002093
CSS Profile: 4737

Can I have a refrigerator or microwave in my dorm room?
Microwaves and hot plates are prohibited in dormitories. Refrigerators can be placed in dorm rooms if they are 4 cubic-feet capacity or smaller. Note: Extension cords are not allowed; however, power strips with surge protection are allowed. This is to prevent cords from over heating and potentially starting fires.

What size of beds are in the dorm rooms?
Dorm rooms are supplied with a standard twin sized bed (37.5 x 75.0).

I lost money in a snack, drink, or change machine on campus. Where do I get a refund?
Problems concerning drink machines or change machines on campus should be directed to the Cashier at 505-984-6090. Snack machine refunds or problems should be directed directly to the vending company - Automatic Vending at 505-471-3400.

I am enrolled with the school's Health Insurance; what do I do when I get sick or injured? 
Student Health Insurance Information 

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