Community Involvement


Environmental Issues Club

The Environmental Issues Club is a group that implements green initiatives and engages the St. John's community. Last year, in cooperation with several environmental organizations in the area, the club began to use oysters to clean College Creek and held an environmentally-themed seminar. The EIC also worked with the Coffee Shop to provide a discount to students who bring in personal mugs for hot beverages. The club has exciting new ideas for this upcoming year.


Pink Triangle Society

Pink Triangle is an LGBTQIA alliance group. They meet weekly to have seminar-style discussions about sexuality and gender. "What unites people who are queer and/or transgender other than the obvious?" and, "What makes something taboo?" Including a dance, the Pink Triangle organizes on-campus and community activism efforts like Sexual Awareness Week. The club also attends relevant events like plays, protests, and concerts in the local area.


Project Politae

This student-run organization arranges group volunteer opportunities. Traditionally. Project Politae coordinates several large activities per year. Past projects have included: elementary school tutoring, senior center activities, homeless shelter work, and many more. Click here for Volunteer Opportunities Page

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