Annapolis Art & Theater


Art Society

This student-led grow promotes art, both its making and its appreciation, on campus and on museum trips. The club hosts workshops and post-seminar receptions in the gallery. Several times each semester they host a Fireside Chat led by a student, faculty member, or staff person who delivers an informal lecture on a piece of art or music. Once a year, the club organizes a student exhibit which is on view in the halls of Mellon.


Film Society

 Cult classics, regular classics, and some films defying categorization are shown for free in the FSK auditorium by the Film Society once a semester.


King Williams Players                       

King Williams Players (KWP) stage productions each year from classical to modern. Since the club is student-run, it allows for a diverse range of theatrical genres which reflect the changing interests of the community. Recent productions have included Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Cat on a Hot Tin RoofTitus AndronicusThe Eumenides, and Tartuffe. In addition to performing, student thespians are also welcome to write and direct plays. For example KWP students wrote, directed, and performed Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, as well as the one-act musical, Red. Through KWP, students with a variety of interests have the opportunity to foster and hone their talents.

"We have conversations all the time about which plays should be performed and why. I love the fact that everything at St. John's is meant to enhance your experience here," says Gabriella Montequin (A15), head of the King William Players.


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