Annapolis Music


All freshmen in Annapolis, regardless of previous training or talent, are part of a Freshman chorus and all freshmen and sophomores study the elements of music. Upperclassmen, joined by faculty and staff, delight in returning to these songs throughout their time at the college. Students gather once a week to sing a single round of Palestrina's "Sicut Cervus," everyone's favorite from Freshman chorus. Musical clubs include the Chamber Orchestra, Primum Mobile, a madrigal choir and a renaissance choir. Most groups are open to any and all who wish to participate. Primum Mobile is a small auditioned collective that performs 16th century mass settings. In addition, student bands of all genres practice and perform regularly on campus. The college also hosts world-class performers and offers free tickets to some concerts in town.

"Music makes whole the liberal arts education. It has influenced everything we study and has been an important influence on the authors we read and discuss," says Charles "David" Branan (A13), member of the Madrigal Choir.


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