Annapolis Student Government

typewriter.jpgThe student polity governs itself.

Delegate Council (DC)

Students who want to get involved in campus politics may join the Delegate Council, which is the undergraduate student government that is run by elected student officers. Students meet weekly to discuss current issues critical for the student body and to decide on funding requests. The DC is in charge of chartering, budgeting for, and auditing all student clubs. DC also serves as student representation to the broader community and maintains communication between the student body, faculty members, and the college administration.


Student Committee on Instruction (SCI)

The Student Committee on Instruction is a subcommittee of the Delegate Council. Their primary function is to be the polity liaison to the Instruction Committee and weigh in on everything from laboratory manuals to seminar readings. The SCI is designed to serve as a forum for the student body concerning academic issues. Members examine the St. John’s program, meet with perspective tutors and set up events such as discussion panels and extra seminars. The SCI encourages students to engage in continuing conversations about the academic program. 

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