Counseling Staff

Kirk Duncan, Psy.D. 

Kirk Duncan works with children, adolescents, and adults who are faced with a variety of challenges, including anxiety, depression, interpersonal problems and simply those that feel stuck. Dr. Duncan has also conducted family therapy and psycho-educational groups on executive function. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from the George Washington University and has a B.A. from St. John's College. He can be contacted at 410-626-2552 or

Meagan Howell-Brogan, LGSW, MSS

Meagan is a licensed social worker and joined the Counseling Service in the fall of 2013. She has worked with adolescents, adults, and families in a variety of settings. Meagan uses a collaborative approach to counseling, helping students identify and build on their own strengths in order to heal, enjoy more fulfilling relationships, learn, and grow. She has a B.A. from Swarthmore College and a master’s degree from Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research. Contact Meagan at 410-626-2552 or

Jerry Januszewski, L.C.A.D.C. 

Jerry Januszewski is a licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor and has worked in the Counseling Service at St. John’s College since 2009. He received his M.A. from St. John’s College, an M.S. from Boston University, and a B.S. from Cornell University. He took his position at St. John’s after fifteen years as an addiction treatment counselor in Annapolis and Washington, DC. He can be contacted at 410-626-2552 or 


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