Student Life in Santa Fe



At St. John’s, Santa Fe, you will spend four years reading, talking, and learning under the brightest of blue skies. But college isn’t just all about books and the romance of nature—it’s also where you live in a real, day-to-day way. A campus community is a society with its own traditions and structures, and it works best when the largest number of people feels fulfilled and basically happy. To that end, in addition to an absolutely beautiful campus setting, our campus residences provide a comfortable, homey environment for students. Our dormitories, suites, and apartments are designed to fit a variety of lifestyle needs, and the Johnnie tradition of the Sleep-Study Rule prioritizes respectful behavior among all campus residents. All freshmen are required to live on campus, and most undergraduates live on campus for all four years.

The extra-curricular options at St. John’s are robust. There are a variety of intramural sports, all kinds of physical fitness groups and classes, a gymnasium and workout facilities, and numerous outdoor activities that you can do alone or in groups. Student Polity (the undergraduate student government) concerns itself with pressing campus issues both residential and academic. Project Politae is a leadership group of students, tutors, and staff dedicated to service in the Santa Fe community.


We have a monthly student newspaper, a literary magazine, a drama club, and a variety of other special-interest clubs and study groups. In general, if you have an idea or an interest, we will support you in getting a group or event started. And not everyone is a joiner. In Santa Fe, you will be accepted for whoever you are.

One tradition of Johnnie culture that sets us apart from other colleges is that our tutors (faculty members) hold no office hours. Instead, they are available to you at all times outside of their teaching hours, and you can often find them sitting among the students in the Coffee Shop all day and into the evening. Tutors, as well as the college’s staff, are committed to the close community that is St. John’s, Santa Fe. We want your time here to be filled with wonderful personal and intellectual discoveries that will open the door to what the rest of your life will be.