Living on Campus in Santa Fe


St. John's West is a gorgeous campus in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Not only do our student residences have great views—they exist within the beautiful panorama that draws people to the region in the first place. The aspens change in front of your eyes here, and the sunsets must be experienced to be believed.

Most undergraduate students live on campus because it's convenient, and they want to be part of the discussions about readings—often called the "post-seminar buzz"—that carry over into the residences. Campus is a quick drive or bike-ride from downtown Santa Fe; outdoor activities are available on campus.

The campus is home to 30 residential structures that include dormitories, suites, and apartments. We take seriously the Sleep-Study Rule, which means that the need of an individual to sleep or study supersedes other students’ need to make noise that can be heard outside of one’s own room. There are many locations in and outside of the residential areas where excess volume will not disturb others, and the noise rule is generally more relaxed on weekend nights.

Upper Dorms

There are nine Upper Dorms: Meem, Driscoll, Murchison, Kirby, Anderson, McCune, Wagner, and Jones. Each Upper Dorm houses 13–17 students. Though there are a few single rooms in the Upper Dorms, most rooms are doubles. Some are grouped around a central sitting area.

Lower Dorms

There are seven Lower Dorms—Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania—as well as three new residences in the Winiarski Center—Ferdinand, Ariel, and Miranda. Each Lower Dorm houses 16–18 students. Most rooms are singles, with only a few double-rooms per dorm.


The Suites are eight five-room dorms, all with single rooms, which students select together with a group of friends (based on combined housing lottery results). Suites are single-sex and each has a small sitting room. Some suites have kitchenettes.

Campus Apartments

There are nine two-bedroom campus apartments designated for married students, students with special dietary or medical needs, and a few lucky seniors whose housing lottery numbers qualify them for these spaces. The campus apartments are not leased annually but contracted, like the dorms and suites, for the academic year.

Housing Lottery and Special Designation Dormsexteriordorm.jpg
Freshmen are assigned to campus housing based on their responses to a questionnaire sent out in the spring. All other students, including Johnnies transferring from Annapolis, choose rooms according to seniority—rising seniors, then juniors, then sophomores—and by lot number within each group. Though a senior with a good lot number has his or her pick of available rooms, we also designate certain dorms Green, Single-Sex, Substance-Free, and Gender-Neutral. Anyone choosing to live in those dorms must also fit the description or agree to live by the expectations set for that space.

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