Spring Semester Plans for Santa Fe: Culture of Care Agreement

Culture of Care Agreement for the Santa Fe Campus

COVID-19 Student Policies

As members of the St. John’s College community, we have come to appreciate and value our collective ability to govern ourselves which rests on the observance of two principles, those of responsibility and honesty. We recognize that the wellbeing of the campus community, which is composed largely of students, depends primarily on personal self-regulation through public-spirited acceptance of the common good. In the face of Covid-19, we are called to build upon these core values, recognizing that now more than ever, each of our actions, and inactions, has profound impacts on our fellow community members. All members of the college community share the responsibility to uphold a Culture of Care in order to protect the wellbeing of everyone—including students, faculty, staff, and community members. The Culture of Care serves to promote and protect the greater good by providing students with a framework for living and working together as students of St. John’s. The Culture of Care principles include:

  • Each of us is responsible for more lives than just our own
  • Each of us will follow the college’s health and safety protocols for as long as they are in effect
  • Each of us desires to build a safe and peaceful community through a commitment to shared rules and concern for others
  • Each of us understands that this will be hard work, but we are dedicated to doing it

St. John’s Culture of Care will be essential in the months to come in order to safely bring our campus community back together. The Culture of Care can only be successful through the people who commit to its continued success. In order to carry on the educational missions and rich traditions of our college while minimizing transmission of Covid-19 and protecting those most vulnerable to the disease, St. John’s puts forth this Culture of Care Agreement that outlines the behavioral expectations for members of the St. John’s community in preserving safe communities, both on and off the Santa Fe campus.

By joining us as students, you agree to adhere to these expectations for face coverings, physical distancing, and social activity detailed below—all in effect until further notice. Additionally, by enrolling as students of The Program, you agree to care for others’ health and safety as much as you care for your own—recognizing that on campus, many of our tutors, essential staff, and our peers are in age groups or have chronic health issues that pose significant risk should they contract Covid-19, and recognizing that even off campus, you are representatives of the college. You understand that the health of our community is contingent upon these measures, and thus to remain a member of the residential community and/or have access to campus and remain in good standing, one must strictly adhere to these policies.

St. John’s Culture of Care Agreement

I understand, as a member of the St. John’s community, that I play a vital role in upholding and promoting St. John’s Culture of Care in all of the various ways that students interact not only with each other but also with faculty, staff, and members of my wider community. I especially understand that this participation is essential to protecting the health and safety of others during a global pandemic. I agree to abide by all federal, state, city, and college mandates, policies, protocols, and procedures related to Covid-19, and I agree to participate in any required training.

I understand that violations of this Culture of Care Agreement will be handled through our Community Standards process detailed in the Student Handbook. I agree that, should I choose not to follow all aspects of the Agreement, I may forfeit my right to live and study on campus now or in the future in addition to any other sanctions determined through the Community Standards process.

Health and Wellness

I Agree:

  • To take part in testing as recommended by health professionals or as required by St. John’s College, and to assist in the tracing of my contacts should I test positive. To wear a face mask at all times when outside of my private residence. Including off campus in situations where the Department of Health requires.
  • To wash my hands thoroughly and frequently for at least 20 seconds throughout each day and before and after interactions with others.
  • To practice social distancing at all times, maintaining the minimum distance as recommended by the Department of Health.
  • To limit gatherings to the maximum allowed by local authorities, inside or outside.
  • To, if I am living on campus or have been to campus in the last 14 days:
    1. Contact the college to begin isolation and receive a test should I become symptomatic.
    2. Immediately contact the Student Health Office if I have any symptoms or known exposures related to Covid-19 as soon as they are discovered with the understanding that I will be required to get tested for Covid-19 and isolate until results are received. I understand that during isolation, I will be moved to a location on campus designated for isolation until I have received approval from the Health Office to return to my original residence.

Campus Movement

I Agree any time I am on campus:

  • To use the SAC in accordance with all safety guidelines and processes published by the SAC.
  • To smoke only in the designated areas for smoking, and to do so while maintaining social distancing.
  • To only congregate in a group in designated outdoor and indoor areas of campus, abiding by New Mexico’s maximum gathering limit, wearing a facial covering, maintaining adequate physical distance, and complying with all signage and posted Covid-19 occupancy limits.
  • To isolate or quarantine when instructed to do so by a college or public health official. Understanding that this means no in-person socialization. If on campus, this includes no use of laundry facilities, no use of smoking areas, or any resource outside of or not delivered directly to the unit assigned for the quarantine or isolation.

Travel and Guests

I Agree:

  • To abide by any and all state requirements regarding travel between states or out of the country.
  • To, if living on campus, only have guests as allowed by the current status of the St. John’s College Covid Dashboard.

Social Life and Recreation

I Agree:

  • To model behavior for my peers that embodies my commitment to upholding the Culture of Care at St. John’s and my priority for protecting all members of our community.
  • To observe physical distancing guidelines and other Covid-19-related safety protocols adopted by the college when participating in any St. John’s affiliated activities.
  • To comply with all posted Covid-19 occupancy limitations in public spaces off campus or around campus and in the campus residences.
  • To completely refrain from organizing, hosting, or attending events, parties, or other social gatherings that may cause safety risks to me and other members of my community.
  • To maintain physical distancing and wear face coverings when engaging in activities in order to reduce the risk of bringing infection to others.

Alcohol Related Provisions

I Understand That:

  • Drinking alcohol and using other drugs may harm the health of my immune system and increase my risk of engaging in behavior that is contrary to public health measures and may in turn increase the need for medical treatment if that behavior results in higher-risk contact with others.
  • Alcohol consumption and recreational drug use will not be considered an excuse for behavior inconsistent with St. John’s Covid-19 public health related restrictions and guidance.
  • The Alcohol policy remains in effect, but new health and safety regulations related to Covid-19 (e.g., physical distancing, space occupancy limits, max gathering size) supersede any such references in the Alcohol Policy.
  • The Community Standards process will address any possible violations of the rules involving alcohol as it relates to these Covid-19 health and safety measures, and the sanctions associated with violations will likely result in a student’s immediate removal or future suspension from the campus community.

Possible Sanctions

Any violations of the above policies will be reported to the Director of Student Life for review. Contact will be made with the alleged party and if found responsible, will likely result in immediate removal or future suspension from housing and access to campus.

St. John’s Core Values

The expectations for St. John’s students in this Agreement are guided by the values essential to every member of St. John’s. The values we cherish at St. John’s are embodied in the Culture of Care, and these values are more important to uphold now than ever before. We recognize that these difficult and unparalleled times call for changes in how we conduct both our college’s operations and our own lives in order to uphold those values that we have always held dear. St. John’s values remain constant, but these principles call for temporary adjustments to our way of being together, which are necessary to protect everyone—our students, faculty, staff, family, and community—to the best of our abilities. To provide everyone with a reasonable, equitable sense of safety, we must all agree—and have assurance that every other member of our community has consented—to abide by certain behavioral guidelines. Please note that these guidelines may be changed or provided with more specificity over time as changes in public health guidance require. St. John’s students agree to monitor their own behavior to conform and abide with these expectations and will comply with directions from the college for the safety of the community.

St. John’s is committed to the health, safety and well-being of our students, staff, faculty, and extended community. Therefore, all members of the St. John’s community will wear facial coverings and will maintain appropriate physical distance in campus buildings, outdoors, and in their broader community as is recommended by the Department of Health.

St. John’s is committed to excellence in higher education. Enrolled students will certainly be challenged and experience academic growth in all the ways that St. John’s College has offered since its beginnings. Faculty will remain available for support, engaging in academic dialogue, and consultation related to coursework.

St. John’s recognizes the importance of extra-curricular, social, and recreational activities as part of our educational experience, as long as these activities can be conducted safely both for their participants and for those with whom they may come into contact with during and after those activities. To ensure this safety, these activities must follow St. John’s safety protocols, including guidelines for physical distancing. On campus, this means that all buildings will have signage with further information for students, faculty and staff, including occupancy limits in the rooms in academic and public buildings and residences. Outdoor furniture will be designed and arranged to maximize social connectivity while maintaining physical distance. St. John’s students have the responsibility to follow the directions provided in these guidelines, and to seek clarity if confusion arises.

My Pledge to Uphold the Culture of Care and Affirmation of Compliance

By enrolling as a student at St. John’s College, I affirm that I have read the entirety of this Culture of Care Agreement and pledge to comply with the expectations detailed above in order to keep our community safe and healthy.

I understand that taking these measures will reduce the risk to my health and the health of others, but I also understand that St. John’s College cannot completely eliminate my risk of contracting Covid-19.

I also understand that noncompliance with the expectations listed above may result in sanctions, including my immediate removal or future suspension from campus.

Please log into your mySJC account to sign the Culture of Care Agreement.