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Exchange Programs

At St. John’s, students don't have to choose one campus: They may transfer between Santa Fe and Annapolis.

Intercampus Transfers

The St. John’s program of study is virtually the same in both Santa Fe and Annapolis, enabling students to transfer to the other campus and experience college life in a different setting. About 10% of students take advantage of the transfer option to spend a year or more on the other campus. Once enrolled on either campus, students may apply for an intercampus transfer for the upcoming academic year. Application forms are available from the Office of the Registrar on each campus, and must be submitted in February. 

Study Abroad Options

Many students choose to study or travel abroad during the summer. The college helps connect students to summer study abroad programs offered through other institutions in places such as Italy, France, Argentina, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and China. Students may also apply for Pathways Fellowships to fund summer classes taken at universities in the United States or abroad. In recent years, Pathways has funded students studying in Germany, France, China, and Israel.