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Exchange Programs

At St. John’s, students don't have to choose one campus. They may transfer between Santa Fe and Annapolis, or spend a semester abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France. 

Intercampus Transfers

The St. John’s program of study is virtually the same in both Santa Fe and Annapolis, enabling students to transfer to the other campus and experience college life in a different setting. About 10% of students take advantage of the transfer option to spend a year or more on the other campus. Once enrolled on either campus, students may apply for an intercampus transfer for the upcoming academic year. Application forms are available from the Office of the Registrar on each campus, and must be submitted in February. 

Study Abroad in France

Students Clara Rhoades, Leah Mozzer, and Noah Leal on an excursion.
Students Clara Rhoades, Leah Mozzer, and Noah Leal on an excursion. 

St. John’s offers select juniors the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in the city of Aix-en-Provence in France. Students from both campuses may participate; the program of study will include every aspect of the established curriculum of the spring semester of junior year (seminar, tutorials, and laboratory). While in France, students will learn the language that is the focus of the junior year at St. John’s College but in a living context and will experience the readings of the junior seminar and tutorials from within their original cultural setting.

Location and Accommodations

Aix at night. Photo courtesy of Bonnie Scott (A17)

Aix-en-Provence is a beautiful, ancient Provencal city just north of Marseille. St. John’s will be supported by the Institut Américain Universitaire (IAU) College, which is headquartered in Aix. The college will set up a small satellite campus in the elegant old buildings of IAU in the heart of the old city center. IAU will provide additional educational and cultural opportunities, as well as travel excursions. Student accommodations will be provided through IAU. Students will stay with French families in Aix within accessible distance to the college and have morning and evening meals at home. This arrangement is one of the best ways to integrate students into local life.


Students learning how to bake.
Students learning how to cook French cuisine. 

IAU will provide a one-week “Early Start” class prior to the beginning of the semester, to acclimatize St. John’s students to the city, culture and language of Aix. During the semester, students will be enrolled in a “survival” French class to help them work on their conversational skills.

Travel and Excursions

Study abroad students on a train to Paris.
Study abroad students on a train to Paris.

St. John’s students will have access to regular IAU study tours as well as customized site visits and activities for Johnnies. There may be trips within the region (e.g. Mont Ste. Victoire, Les Baux, Le Luberon), as well as a trip to Paris. Students will be free to explore on their own during weekends and longer breaks. The college will be looking to meet the needs of the academic program of study while taking advantage of the many opportunities to travel and explore the region. In this regard, the second semester, with two weeks of spring break, offers greater flexibility in addressing these interests.

Other Study Abroad Options

Beyond Aix-en-Provence during junior year, many students choose to study or travel abroad during the summer. The Career Services Office helps connect students to summer study abroad programs offered through other institutions in places such as Italy, France, Argentina, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and China. Students may also apply for Pathways Fellowships to fund summer classes taken at universities in the United States or abroad. In recent years, Pathways has funded students studying in Germany, France, China, and Israel.