Alumni Week: Wednesday

Alumni Week Events for Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Johnnie Talks: The Johnnie’s path is rarely linear, but according to these alumni, their education helped them stay the course. Tune in to hear innovative alumni share flash talk insights on turning points—what they mean, how they live them, and how they’ve changed everything.

Richie Berry (SF17)

Creating Universes: Getting Started Making Video Games

Richie Berry, a SF17 and Eastern Classics Graduate shares how his love for video games prompted him to embark on a career in creating games. He emphasizes how his education at St. John’s prepared him to “live today to the fullest” and take risks to be who you want to be. Richie is more than eager to assist any Johnnies who might be interested in getting started in the gaming universe.

Jack Langworthy (SF07)

Meaning: The Most Valuable Currency in the World

Jack Langworthy (SF07) shares his philosophical ideas on how “meaning” has become a most valuable currency in the world as he travels to East African countries to utilize his Johnnie skills to help others. Jack joined the Peace Corps which led to his adventures in rural African nations where he became fearless in learning new technologies, leading to forming a nonprofit company, Ninayo. He shares how his lab science Johnnie skill set came full circle in forming his new biotech company.

April Sharp (A07)

Flinstone to Faculty

Dr. April Sharp (A07), a pediatric neurologist in Baltimore, MD, will share her pathway from Flinstone (GA) to Faculty and various turning points along the way. A St. John’s postcard started her journey from being the first in her family to graduate from high school and then on to college. Her fascination with the brain led to her career as a pediatric neurologist and eventually as a faculty member at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.