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2018 Homecoming Alumni Honorees

Alumni Association Awards Banquet

A centerpiece of the annual homecoming celebration on both campuses is the awards banquet hosted by the Alumni Association. Award of Merit recipients and Honorary Alumni are selected by the Alumni Association Board based on nominations received from the St. John’s College community.

2018 Award of Merit Recipients

For distinguished and meritorious service to the United States, to their native state, to the college, or for outstanding achievement within a chosen field.

  • H. Glenn Ballard (SF68), PhD—For his work in the field of construction, where he co-founded the discipline Lean Construction

    H. Glenn Ballard is co-founder and research director of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to applying Lean theory, principles, and techniques to create a new form of project management to design and build capital facilities. An accomplished educator, author and public speaker, Ballard is currently a member of the construction engineering and management program faculty at UC Berkeley and Stanford.

  • Omar Manejwala (A93), MD—For his work in the mental health field of addiction counseling

    Manejwala has spent his career studying and innovating in the fields of psychiatry and addiction. As one of the nation’s leading experts on addiction medicine, substance abuse, and mental illness, Manejwala offers insight and analysis on news developments related to addiction and mental health on national and international television networks, and has been featured via radio and print media. He speaks to audiences about how they can leverage insights from brain and behavior science to change our habits and our lives—chipping away at the stigma behind addiction and mental health, which often stops people from pursuing wellness.

  • Anika Prather (AGI09)—For her work in the field of education as founder of the Living Water Schools

    There is no “typical day” for a Living Water School student. Learning is entirely student-directed, with no formal classes, no grade levels, no letter grades, no standardized tests, and no homework. The goal is “to completely take away those elements of traditional school that conjure up feelings of competition, fear, anxiety, insecurity, and inadequacy.”

    Living Water’s staff and students are almost entirely African-American, partially the result of its location in Temple Hills, Maryland, which is 85 percent black. Living Water’s fluid educational approach might be of particular benefit to African-American students, especially boys, are more likely to be disciplined for “disruptiveness” that Prather characterizes as a simple need to move.

  • Joe Sachs (A68)—For his work as a tutor and translator of ancient Greek texts

    Joe Sachs is considered one of the world’s leading translators of Greek philosophical texts, particularly Aristotle, with more than 15 works in print; his upcoming translation of the Iliad will join his 2014 translation of Odyssey. Sachs is tutor emeritus at St. John’s College, having taught for more than 30 years.

  • Richard Saja (SF93)—For his work as an artist and designer, merging 18th century and modern designs using toile

    In the words of High Fructose Magazine, “Artist Richard Saja manipulates pre-existing historical scenes printed on fabric known as toile, by threading colorful floss over and around the people and creatures inhabiting them. As a blend of humor and delightfully odd imaginings, the work carries the weight of the past within its foundations while new skins of magic, freak shows, circus clowns and odd couplings brighten the compositions and infuse it with a sincere beauty.” Saja has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, and other outlets, and his work appears in museum and private collections around the world.

Honorary Members of the St. John’s College Alumni Association, Class of 2018

  • Marilyn Higuera—member of the faculty since 1979, including serving as the director of the Graduate Institute in Annapolis from 2008–11.
  • Judith Seeger—member of the faculty since 1989, including serving as assistant dean in Annapolis from 2002–06.
  • Susan Stickney—member of the faculty since 1992. Her husband, Cary, and her daughter, Sarah, are both tutors in Santa Fe.
  • Stephen Van Luchene—member of the faculty since 1973, including serving as the director of admissions from 1979–81, director of the Graduate Institute in Santa Fe from 1982–85, and as dean in Santa Fe from 1991–96. He founded the college’s Tecolote Group in 2001, which supports local educators at all levels in the cultivation of active learning.