The Johnnie Way

What is the Johnnie Way?

Annapolis Class Of 1978 St Johns College
Johnnies in 1978​​​​​

The Johnnie Way is a celebration of St. John’s College and the people who make St. John’s possible (that’s you!). We are celebrating the unique bonds that unite all generations of Johnnies and what it means to be one.

Here’s how you can add your voice:

Ways to join the celebration

  1. Tell us what the Johnnie Way means to you. Share your story on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #johnnieway.
  2. Post a photo to Instagram that captures what the Johnnie Way means to you using #johnnieway and tag @johnniealumni.
  3. Attend Homecoming to renew the ties that bind our community together and celebrate all that makes St. John’s special.
  4. Check out our new crowdfunding platform where Johnnies can go to show their support for the St. John’s Community


St. John’s is a special place and we hope you will continue to share with us what makes it special to you.