COVID-19 Dashboard for Annapolis

Updated February 6, 2023

The information below reflects up-to-date case counts and active cases for the Annapolis Campus Community. Students and employees are required to report any positive COVID test result to Danielle Lico, Executive Director, Campus Wellness. Failure to report a positive test may result in referral to the appropriate office for disciplinary action.

Total Positive Cases: 73

The “Total Positive Cases” category is a cumulative count of all positive test results reported since August 18, 2022; this number only reflects students, faculty, and staff who have returned to Annapolis and/or campus, rather than those who are testing outside of the region and/or state.

Number of active SJC student cases 1
Number of active SJC employee cases 0

Individuals interested in learning more about case counts in the state or county are encouraged to reference one of these resources: