COVID-19 Dashboard for Annapolis

Weekly Update for the Annapolis Campus

Updated October 18, 2021

Campus Alert Level

Level Green: We continue to closely monitor state and county positivity rates and local health conditions.

Operating Impact: We are prepared to respond to changes in local and regional health conditions.

Current Trends: The state and county ended emergency orders and most restrictions on July 1, 2021.

Total Positive Cases: 6
Total Tests: 301

Note: Weekly testing is only required for unvaccinated members of our community, but we record positive tests reported to us from outside testing in the "Total Positive Cases" category above. The "Total Positive Cases" category is a cumulative count of all positive test results reported since the beginning of the semester.

What Our Color Levels Mean

Our overall campus alert level above is marked by a color; this ranges from blue, the lowest alert level, to red, the most restrictive alert level. Each level has different reopening and operational considerations and outcomes. See below for a summary of each color’s likely outcomes for operations once we are in session.

State and County regulations and requirements

STATE: The state lifted most restrictions on July 1, 2021. Unvaccinated residents are strongly encouraged to wear masks. On August 26, the State Board of Education announced that masks would be required in all public K-12 schools.

COUNTY: On June 8, Anne Arundel County lifted its emergency orders, though individual businesses and organizations are still allowed to set specific policies and requirements. As of July 19, all unvaccinated staff and visitors to Anne Arundel County government buildings must wear a face mask.


Note: Data is sourced from Maryland’s Coronavirus Dashboard and the CDC’s Covid Data Tracker.

Decision Input Operating Factor | Status
Number of active SJC community cases 0
On-campus vaccination rate 95.0%
Number of on-campus isolation beds in use 0
State positivity rate 3.50%
County positivity rate 3.64%
State vaccination rate 65.1% fully vaccinated | 71.8% at least one dose
County vaccination rate 67.8% fully vaccinated | 73.9% at least one dose
National, state, and/or county regulations or guidance Most restrictions lifted; following CDC indoor masking guidelines.


We use data from a number of sources for our internal and external indicators, including official information from the Maryland and Anne Arundel County Departments of Health, local health officials and care providers, results from our testing company, and internal measurements.

Overall alert levels are determined by careful weighing of all internal and external inputs, the recent trajectory of key indicators, and regional, statewide, and national data.