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Erik S. Kristensen Memorial Lecture Series

Seth Cropsey delivered the lecture, “Patriotism in the 21st Century,” at 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 13, in the Francis Scott Key Auditorium at St. John’s College, Annapolis. View the 2016 newsletter for more information.

Honoring Fallen Navy SEAL

Established in 2013, this lecture series jointly sponsored by St. John’s College and the US Naval Academy honors LCDR Erik S. Kristensen, an alumnus of the United States Naval Academy and the St. John’s College Graduate Institute in Liberal Education. As recounted in the new film Lone Survivor, Kristensen, a Navy SEAL, was killed in the line of duty while leading a bold search and rescue mission in Afghanistan in 2005. The annual lecture series was initiated by another St. John’s alumnus, Lt. Michael Zampella, along with friends and family, to create even greater ties between his two alma maters and to educate the public about civil-military relations by emphasizing the role of the liberal arts in naval and military education. He was the model scholar-warrior, with a passion for learning that equaled his passion for military service, writes President Christopher B. Nelson in his blog for Huffington Post.