BASIS Curriculum Schools—St. John’s College Seminar Institute FAQ

This information is provided for attendees of the BCS-SJC Seminar Institute. Additional information is available for current Annapolis Graduate Institute students.

About the Program

What are the required pedagogy workshops on Friday afternoons?
Beyond the seminar and tutorial classes, a main feature of the BCS-SJC Seminar Institute experience is the Pedagogy Workshop series. All BASIS students will participate in three workshops over the course of the summer. More information about the workshops will be communicated closer to the summer.

I was admitted to the BCS-SJC Seminar Institute for summer 2019, but now I would like to apply for the MALA or Certificate program. What is the process for applying?
To apply to become a degree-seeking student in the Graduate Institute, students admitted to the BASIS program must submit one additional essay and an additional recommendation letter to supplement the initial application. Please contact Brandon Wasicsko (brandon.wasicsko(at) or 410-626-2543) if you are interested in applying to the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts or Certificate in Liberal Arts Education programs.

What is the cost of continuing in the MA or Certificate program?
Learn more about tuition, fees, and financial aid for graduate students.

I was admitted to the BCS-SJC Seminar Institute. Can I also enroll in a preceptorial this summer?
Preceptorials are only open to students in our MALA and Certificate programs. If you would like to apply to become a degree-seeking student in either of those program, see above.

What is the difference between the MALA and Certificate?
The Master of Arts in Liberal Arts is our traditional, 36-credit Master’s degree that explores the great books of the Western tradition across four full-time semesters. The Certificate in Liberal Arts Education is an 18-credit post-baccalaureate certificate with a focus on pedagogy and liberal arts education.

Can I enroll in multiple segments?
Not simultaneously. Students take a seminar and tutorial together within the same segment area. Additional segments may be taken in subsequent fall, spring, or summer terms.

Why can’t I take the History segment this summer?
Because the texts in the History segment assume familiarity with other texts in the program, the History segment cannot be taken first in sequence. The History segment is open only to students in the MALA program who have already completed at least one semester of study in the Graduate Institute.

Which translations or editions of the texts should I use?
When selecting books to use, consider visiting the St. John’s College Bookstore, which stocks numerous editions of all program books. The bookstore also maintains a binder with notes from tutors about various translations and editions. You may wish to consult this in advance, either in person or by calling the bookstore at 410-626-2540.

If you have access to a library, you might consider trying out various editions to see which you prefer. You may also consult the Greenfield Library catalog to see which editions are held there. Whenever possible, use editions with line or paragraph numbers. Your tutor may recommend or require a particular text, in which case you will be notified well in advance of the start of the semester.

Questions about readings, or the St. John’s program generally, can always be directed to the GI Office.

When will I hear an admissions decision?
Admissions decisions will be released the first week of March for those who applied by the January priority deadline. Those who applied after the priority deadline will hear back by mid-March.

I’m a BASIS teacher interested in the BCS-SJC Seminar Institute, but I missed the application deadline. Can I still be considered?
Applications for summer 2019 are closed. However, you may express your interest for summer 2020 by filling out the BCS-SJC Seminar Institute Interest Form.


Will I have my own room?
Yes. Students are housed in single rooms with a shared restroom on each floor.

Can I park on campus?
Yes. Parking passes are available from Public Safety and during registration.

Can I move into the dorms early?
Yes. If you are traveling a long way to reach Annapolis, an early move-in can be accommodated. Please contact Brandon Wasicsko with your specific travel situation and we’ll be sure your room is ready in advance.

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